Guild Guide: Guild Missions

Guild Missions

The purpose of the Guild RvR Missions system is to build a sense of unity within the guild by encouraging guild members to work together with each other to achieve common goals. Accomplishing Guild RvR Missions provides meaningful rewards to the guild as a whole.

  • Guild leaders (rank 0 GM players), by default, may obtain Guild RvR Missions by talking to the RvR mission General. Guild leaders may also, by permission, allow other guild members to obtain Guild RvR Missions. (Type "/gc info" to view the new commands.)

  • To obtain missions from the General, the guild leader selects the "Guild Mission" option, and then selects the enemy realm in which the mission is to be conducted. Upon selecting the enemy realm, the mission is granted to the entire guild.

  • When a mission is chosen, each member of the guild will have the mission display in the quest journal.

  • Once a guild mission is granted, the guild will be required to complete all of the following (in any order) to receive the reward:

  • Complete 20 kill enemy missions.
    Complete five guard kill missions.
    Take 5 towers belonging to a particular realm.
    Take 2 keeps belonging to a particular realm.

  • Successful completion of a guild mission results in the following rewards for the guild: 4,000 guild realm points, 100 guild bounty points, a 24 hour 2% bonus to all magical damage and a 24 hour 2% bonus to all melee damage.