Guild Guide: Guild Dues

Guild Dues

Guild dues are intended as a means for guild members to automatically provide funding to the guild. This funding is in turn managed by the guild leader (or those set with the appropriate permissions). For example, guild dues might be useful for paying house rent on a guild house.

  • Players may use the command "/gc due <1 or 0>" to turn guild dues on or off. When activated, 2% of all looted coin will be automatically deducted and directly deposited into the cashbank of the guild.

  • Guild members must have permission from the GM in order to turn dues on or off for the guild. ("/gc edit due Y" would be the command to allow a certain rank permission to turn dues on for the guild.)

  • In order for a guild to collect guild dues, the guild must be level 5 or higher. At guild level 5, a guild leader can choose to activate guild dues. To do so, the guild leader would use the following command: "/gc due #" - where # is 1 for on and 0 for off.

  • The guild leader may set permissions for members to withdraw money from the guild bank. To do so, use the following command: "/gc edit withdraw ". Note that since this command has always been in the game, guild leaders will want to ensure it's not already activated for ranks they do not wish to have this ability.

  • To withdraw money, a guild member with permission must either use the command "/gc withdraw #" - where # is the amount of money in copper pieces - or use the guild tab on the Social Interface by clicking on the guild bank amount to bring up the coin selector window.

  • There is a 30 second restriction between subsequent withdrawals. This simply means that once a withdrawal is made, anyone else in the guild who is authorized to make withdrawals must wait 30 seconds before making another withdrawal.

  • Any rank 0 guild leader may request a log detailing which members have withdrawn money from the guild bank. The command for doing so is "/gc requestlog". The log will display the names of all members who have withdrawn money, as well as the amount withdrawn. For example, the log might display something like the following:

  • [2005/07/4 04:30:03] John Doe withdrew 4 gold pieces from the guild bank.
    [2005/07/4 04:35:18] Joe Smith withdrew 4 gold pieces from the guild bank.

  • Every member will be able to view the amount in guild bank through the guild window in the Social Interface. (See here for details on the Social Interface.)

  • The amount that can be stored in a guild bank is capped at 400 platinum.