Wayback Wednesday - The Final Edition!

Posted by Development | 2013 Apr 16 17:06 -0400 GMT

Join the Devs in the New Frontiers!

It’s time for another segment of MMORPG.COM’s Wayback Wednesday! Join your host Grakulen and the developers this Wednesday, April 17th at 9:30 PM EDT/0230 CET as we fight  in the New Frontiers for the realm of Albion in the final segment of this amazing series.

Fight alongside us as we launch assaults into Midgard and Hibernia, or bring your Midgard or Hibernian character to slaughter us on the battlefield! The Devs will take your questions and reveal some exciting upcoming plans for Dark Age of Camelot. Additionally, Grakulen will be giving away a number of 30 day Game Time Codes, so join the stream for fun, information, and your chance at winning a free month of DAoC playtime!

We will post an update tomorrow with the link to the broadcast. We hope to see you there!