A Scouting Report...

Posted by Development | 2015 Jun 23 12:08 -0400 GMT

Location: Jotunheim (Date Unknown)

I believe in the Gods. How can you not? But I never thought I’d see one. There was no mistaking Ymir as soon as he stepped from the portal. Although most Jotun look alike, Ymir is ancient and much larger. He brought with him a horde of frost and stone giants. They gained a foothold in Vanern Swamp.

How can this be? We know the stories all too well, the ones told around the feasting halls of how Odin himself slew Ymir with the help of his two younger brothers.  Ymir’s flesh created the land which we now stand upon, his bones the hills, and his blood filled the void drowning all but two of the Jotuns and remained to become the very seas and oceans we sail upon. Apparently Ymir’s essence was too powerful to extinguish and over the centuries he’s once again grown in power.  I can’t help to wonder if our own shamans knew of his return.  What plans does this ancient god have for us, revenge?  Will Ymir take back what was stolen from him?  Will the seas dry up if Ymir reclaims his blood that was spilt?  What of the flesh?  What will happen to Midgard if he succeeds?

I must focus on my mission… a small army of our kinsmen clashed with Ymir and the jotun causing him to flee back into Jotunheim. Many jotun and giants lay hewn on the battlefield but our losses were greater. His plans were disrupted and we took this chance to explore Jotunheim, but there is something eerily familiar about this place. Like I’ve been here in a dream or I’m constantly being watched. We have been here for what feels like a very long time, just trying to keep the enemy at bay. Due to the incomprehensible nature of Jotunheim, there is no day or night. In the end, I’m not sure how long we have actually been here. I think this may be my last report since everything here wants to kill us mortals. Perhaps I shall take my place at the table in Valhalla tonight.

-Arin Snowtouch