RvR Tournament Winners!

Posted by Community | 2014 Nov 03 16:07 -0500 GMT
It's been a long month...from our birthday celebrations and Halloween events, to our Comeback to Camelot campaign and our RvR Tournament!

The standings are done and we finally have our winners! I don't know about anyone else, but I was checking the leaderboards constantly, especially in the final days!

We froze the leaderboards at the stroke of midnight on October 31st and spent the weekend ensuring that all winners participated cleanly and within the spirit of the game. You can view the final standings on the top 100 leaderboards.  Players removed from the leaderboards should check their account email for information regarding the violation they committed.

The winners of the top RPS and Kill/Death ratio in each realm will receive a statue of their winning character created in their realm's capital city, and a 30 day timecode. These statues will grant a once off quest to players who visit them, with dangerous tasks, but worthy rewards! Look to see these statues in the capitals by week's end!

So onto our Winners....

For Albion:

Tvjx - Top RPs
Athairne - Kill/Death Ratio

For Midgard:

Lankhia - Top RPs
Renrik - Kill/Death Ratio

For Hibernia:

Patarz - Top RPs
Farmacist - Kill/Death Ratio

Congrats to you all! :)

In addition to our main winners, we're also happy to announce the following players, randomly chosen from their realm's top 100, to receive a 30 day timecode.

For Albion:


For Midgard:


For Hibernia:


Congrats to all our winners and thank you to everyone who participated and gave it a shot!

This contest was a first for us, and rather exciting to run, and will help shape events like this in the future :)