RvR Buggane's Obelisk and Daily Quest Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Jul 21 15:52 -0400 GMT
We're excited to announce the following changes!

Buggane's Obelisk
  • Buggane's Obelisk will now rotate its locations in conjunction with the rotating daily bonus quest's location.
    • This means if the daily bonus quest from the General is located in Albion's Brough Ruins (Alb Maze) for the day, Buggane's Obelisk will spawn there as well.
      • This does mean that if the obelisk is up in 1 location, it is down in all other locations.
      • Ellan Vannin will no longer have the obelisk up unless the daily rotating quest is also in Ellan Vannin.
    • When the quest changes at 12:01 EST each night, Buggane's Obelisk location will change too!
    • Speak with General Kogis, General Bruki, or General Vegda in each realm's relic town and they will also tell you where Buggane's is located (along with aligning with their rotating quest that day).
      • Realm ownership of Buggane's Obelisk will still show in the /realm window regardless of where Buggane's Obelisk is currently located.
  • Buggane's Obelisk once again awards a bonus to realm points in addition to its bonus to bounty points and coin earned.
    • Its bonus amounts still scale as follows based on realm rank:
      • Realm Rank 1L1 - 3L9: 75% bonus to RP/BP/Coin
      • Realm Rank 4L0 - 5L9: 50% bonus to RP/BP/Coin
      • Realm Rank 6L0 - 7L9: 25% bonus to RP/BP/Coin
      • Realm Rank 8L0+: 15% bonus to RP/BP/Coin
    • Its duration is still 2 hours and lasts through death and logout; however, it no longer lasts after zoning out of the frontiers.
  • Siege weapons are not allowed within 850 units of the obelisk.
Daily Quests
  • The quest [Daily] The Solo Road has had its kill requirements reduced from 20 to 10. Its reward remains unchanged.
    • We recommend visiting the General in each realm's relic town to get the new version of this quest if you have more than 10 kills remaining on it currently.
    • All other daily quests remain unchanged.