Radar Suspensions

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Aug 20 17:09 -0400 GMT

We have recently instituted several methods to help us track down various hacks in-game, perhaps the most important of which is radar. We have not and will not ever take cheating lightly. Your feedback over the months about hacking has been well-received and this announcement can be considered proof that these types of actions will not be tolerated.

Today we have issued 1-day suspensions to several hundred accounts found to be using radar. Going forward, any accounts confirmed as violating the Rules of Conduct in this way will be subject to long-term suspension and permanent account termination. All accounts actioned today have been sent an email to the address on file.

If you receive this email, and you do not use these programs, check the name of the suspended account carefully before you panic. If you sold or traded your account to another player, it’s possible that they didn’t change the contact email information.

If you did not receive this email, but your account has been suspended, you should update the email address on the account ASAP.

If it’s your account, and you received the email, please uninstall your third party programs immediately.