Producer's Letter

Posted by Development | 2022 Jan 28 18:13 -0500 GMT
Friends, players, realm-mates – lend me your eyes! What follows is an update on how Dark Age of Camelot is faring, and the updates you may expect, and it begins with communication.

You, the greatest community that ever was or will be, have sustained DAoC for 20 incredible years. I recall celebrating DAoC’s 5, 10, and 15-year milestones, and the one constant through it all has been our sentiment that we owe Camelot’s expectation-shattering longevity and success to you - and that we the devs are immeasurably grateful for your loyalty and your trust.

Dark Age of Camelot has certainly undergone its share of changes, and one needs only examine the stratified layers of its evolution to understand the nuance and complexity of the game. It is that complexity that draws in players who appreciate engaging in and mastering the RvR dynamic that has set DAoC apart from all other PvP MMOs.

After 20 years in operation quite a few original features have evolved, yet the beating heart of what makes DAoC so special has remained largely unchanged - three realms engaging in fierce RvR battles for pride, for glory, and domination of the Frontiers. We intend to preserve foundational RvR elements as well as to protect and respect the progress that so many have made since October 2001. Players and guilds from Camelot’s original game servers transferred to Ywain and re-formed to carry forward their progress, maintain their comradery, and to continue to fight in service of their realm. We will continue to update Ywain with class balance modifications, RvR changes, and quality of life improvements - but this is not our exclusive direction.

The core of Dark Age of Camelot is powerful and timeless. The experience of three-realm RvR can - and has - succeeded in a number of different dynamics. You need look no further than the legendary PvP combat on Andred and Mordred or the immense Battlegroup PvE encounters on Gaheris to agree that there are yet more possibilities ahead.

In this spirit, we have been working on a new server type. It wouldn’t be precisely accurate to call it an ‘Event Server’, though in some ways it can be thought of in that way. The scope and scale of the content will be larger, and access to the dynamics of the new server will be available for longer periods than our typical events or campaigns on Ywain. Simply put, we will provide the opportunity to start your journey on a level playing field, to focus on (or remove) specific expansion content and have wholly new and very exciting objectives!

This is our goal, and I hope it’s enough (for now) to know that we’ve made a solid beginning toward achieving that goal. Trust me, old friends, when I tell you that we’re aware that you are itching to know more – I certainly cannot wait to share more with you! Until that time, however, it is my fervent hope that we may rely on the trust and good faith with which you have honored us for so long. I will be providing regular updates here on the Camelot Herald, in our monthly Newsletters - and you can catch us lurking in our official Discord channel!

With the utmost sincerity and gratitude, the team here at Broadsword thanks you for being a part of this community, and we are looking forward to yet another chapter in the history of our beloved Dark Age of Camelot.

Faithfully yours,