Passing The Torch

Posted by Talal Saad | 2014 Sep 28 14:25 -0400 GMT

Friends and Realm mates,

It’s a time of great change for Dark Age of Camelot. This era of new beginnings started with the transition of DAoC from Mythic to Broadsword. We saw more change when we, as Broadsword, invested time and energy into revitalizing Camelot, developing interesting new content, and adding new and updated elements to the game with the goal of reminding the world that there was never - and will never - be a finer PvP MMO than Dark Age of Camelot. The evolution continues!

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Those familiar with the team here at Broadsword are aware that our passion and dedication to our games is boundless. We created this studio with very basic ingredients:  Experience, love for our products, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to serve our games and their communities. This leads me to the update that I have for you today.

Over the past few months, I have been transitioning my responsibilities here at Broadsword. Rather than serving at the helm of one particular game, my responsibility will be to act as advocate and to use my time and energy to focus on how Broadsword can have a bigger impact, provide more investment, and achieve greater success for multiple products.

So what does this mean for Camelot?  The answer is “great things!”  I will never cease to provide my energy and attention to Camelot’s success – I will simply be doing it from a different and exciting perspective. I announce this change with great confidence and with the deep relief of knowing that my colleague, fellow die-hard Camelot fan, and very dear friend John Thornhill will assume ownership of the day-to-day operations as Producer of Dark Age of Camelot.

Official announcements, press relations, and operation of the game going forward will be handled by John Thornhill. For his dedication to the product, his tireless work, acute vision, and for his new position – I know you will all join me in thanking and congratulating him!

John, my old friend - thank you for your years of faithful work as a fellow vision-holder, and congratulations on the next step in your journey with Dark Age of Camelot!

For my part - you the community, as well as the game itself will, as ever, have my love and support – and I will never stop serving and fighting for Dark Age of Camelot as long as there’s a single player out there.

I’ll be around – lurking and checking in, helping when and where I can, and fighting alongside you in the maelstrom of war.

Faithfully yours,

Talal Saad