Mordred/Camlann Transfer Update

Posted by Development | 2013 Apr 11 16:54 -0400 GMT

Players requiring restoration of Dragonslayer Weapons and Champion Weapons may now speak to the following NPCs in the Housing Entrance area for their realm:

  • Tobin in Albion
  • Knudson in Midgard
  • Aldous in Hibernia

Players who possessed Champion or Dragonslayer Weapons on Mordred/Camlann will have their eligibility reset by these NPCS. Dragonslayer NPCs have been placed in the Housing Entrance area for convenience, however players must return to the Throne Room in their realm’s Capital City to speak with their Path Weaponmaster to obtain their Champion Weapon.

Replacement functionality for additional items such as Shrouded Isles Necklaces, Foil Hat of Swirling Thoughts, Cloaks of Might and Magic, and more will be implemented in the coming days.

Thank you and we’ll see you in the Frontiers!