Live Server Maintenance (AWS) and 1.124C Live Patch Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Nov 15 20:35 -0500 GMT
Update 12:20 PM EST / 5:20 PM GMT: All servers are back online!

Please note that a few tweaks have been made to the [Daily Quest] The Solo Road and to the Blacksmith Band item based on your feedback, as we well as some additional clarity on the Currency Exchange merchant stores! Check out the patch notes below for the full details!

The Ywain and Gaheris servers will be coming down tomorrow, November 16th (5:45 AM EST / 10:45 AM GMT) to perform Amazon Server Hosting maintenance. In addition to the maintenance, the Dragon Curse Chapter 9 encounter and the following RvR, class changes, and bug fixes will go live when the servers are back online.

Due to the amount of hosting-related maintenance work, servers are expected back up within 9 hours. Fortunately, this should be the last AWS-based maintenance for several months.

These 1.124C patch notes will be live when the servers return:


  • Check out the new solo-oriented objective in Folley Lake, The Trellebourg, and Moydruim Castle areas!
  • Chapter 9 of the Dragon Curse Campaign is here with a new instance loot-reward system!
  • New item stat caps to Hit Points and Mythical Resists!
  • Buggane’s Obelisk is no longer as easy to camp!
  • Client and server stability has been improved!