Live Server Emergency Maintenance and 1.124 Bug Fixes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Oct 11 17:42 -0400 GMT
Update 8:10 PM EST/1:10 AM GMT: Ywain and Gaheris servers are now open to all players!

The Ywain and Gaheris servers will be coming down immediately today, October 11th (5:45 PM EST / 10:45 PM GMT) to fix an exploit as well issue the following notes.

Servers are expected back up within 3 hours.

These notes will be live when the servers return:

  • Characters should no longer occassionally be teleported to their bind point while zephyred in water.
  • The Mythical Crowd Control stat now behaves as it did prior to 1.124, while now also affecting casted snare and stun effects in addition to mesmeriztion effects.
    • The Mythical Crowd Control stats on the following items have had their stat values restored to pre-1.124 patch levels:
      • Lesser Irrepressible Mythirian: 1 to 4% crowd control reduction
      • Average Irrepressible Mythirian: 2 to 7% crowd control reduction
      • Greater Irrepressible Mythirian: 3 to 10% crowd control reduction
      • Dragon Movement Mythirian: Remains 3% crowd control reduction
      • Freezing Conqueror Mythirian: 2 to 10% crowd control reduction
      • Otherworldly Stoic Gem: 3 to 15% crowd control reduction
      • Dark Dragon Scale: 3 to 5% crowd control reduction
      • Ring of the Cursed King: 1 to 5% crowd control reduction
      • Cape of the Pictish Hero: 2 to 5% crowd control reduction
  • Fixed an issue on Gaheris where too many bounty points were being awarded when handing in dread seals.
    • Characters will no longer crash occassionally when turning in dread seals.
  • The text string displayed when being awarded bonus realm points from the dynamic underpopulation system will no longer include the erroneous "(#%)" value.