Live Patch Notes 1.123

Posted by Community | 2017 Apr 01 00:27 -0400 GMT

The following changes are now Live!

General Changes

  • The number of quickbars has been reduced to two, but each quickbar has been expanded to 100 slots per page.
  • Houses that are not open for the public to enter and use their teleporters are now able to be trebbed down.
  • Full consignment merchants will now give the item to the 10th player who attempts to purchase it, for free
  • All Troll facial morphs have been given a substantial cosmetic surgery removing wrinkles and sun damage to give them a youthful, fresh glow.
  • New boots are now available for Lurikeens giving them the extra height they have been looking for.

Crafting Changes

  • Knitting, crochet, quilt making, and baking have been added to the list of trades. These crafts allow players to create blankets for their mounts, sweaters for their pets, and legendary scones for their friends.

 RvR Changes

  • Benowyc, Bledmeer, and Crauchon have returned to full keeps.
    •  All other keeps, in each realm, are now ruined keeps.
  • To allow Battlegroups to form more easily, a /bg assign [player] [group leader] command has been added. This command allows BG leaders to put solo members into whichever group they want.
    • Once placed in a group, these players can not /disband from the group without permission from the BG leader.
  •  A "/stats vanish" command has been added. This tracks the number of times a player uses vanish during their time online.

Class Changes


  • A limited stealth ability has been added to Clerics. This allows them to stealth themselves, and one group member. While stealthed, the Cleric is unattackable. Insta cast, 1 min RUT.


  • Friar’s will be given mules to ride instead of horses.


  • Minstrels can now charm up to four orange con pets.


  • Necromancers will be returned to their original form with the pets on a 10k unit tether. The caster can safely be 3 zones over, while the pet is uninterruptible.


  • Scouts have been given the "Hide in a nearby wall" ability.


  • All Hibernian classes have been given access to Speedwarp.
  • Mogue the Trifecta Dealer has been elected King of Hibernia


  • Eldritch RR5 now ports the Eldritch directly to Crair Treflan. This ability cannot be interrupted.


  • The Realm Rank 5 ability, Selective Blindness, now allows the Mentalist and friendly players within 2k range to walk right past enemy players without needing to stealth.


  • Rangers have been given the "Climb Tree" ability.


  • Vampiirs can now only be played during night time hours in-game. Vampiirs found outside during daylight hours will burst into flames and die, returning to their house, hearth bind, or guild house.


  • The Dread Lord is now purple con, and automatically summons on enemy healers, no targeting or commands necessary.


  • Healing for Healers is now based off of damage dealt from melee. Healers will need to land hits in order to heal their group. The more hits a Healer lands, the more their group is healed.


  • Hunters have been given a new pet, the Aardvark. This pet can burrow under an enemy and reappear behind them to more easily land its rear stun style.


  • To allow Skalds to participate more in keep siege and defense, a "Chop Wood" ability has been added to Battlesongs at level 40 specialization. This allows the Skald to better utilize their time collecting wood for siege, and repairing.


  • Command Mjollnir now casts 3x the current amount of hammers. This is also multiplied the more Thanes there are in a 10,000 unit area.
    • Note: this is just the spell effect animation.