Live Hot Fix, Ruined Keeps & Keep Changes

Posted by Community | 2022 Aug 05 11:35 -0400 GMT
The following changes are now live on Ywain!

Ruined Keeps

For a limited time, the merchant keeps of Caer Benowyc in Hadrian's Wall in Albion, Bledmeer Faste in Odin's Gate in Midgard, and Dun Crauchon in Emain Macha in Hibernia will revert to their 'ruined' state and will feature the following temporary changes:

  • Keep walls will remain destroyed keep gates and postern doors will remain open Guards and other keep NPCs will not spawn
  • The Protection Obelisk will be disabled and unavailable
  • Solo quest objectives have returned to the keep areas

Port Keep Changes

The following keeps are now temporarily portable for home realms by clicking or saying "go" at the teleport obelisk in the relic towns:

  • Albion: Caer Berkstead
  • Hibernia: Dun Crimthainn
  • Midgard: Nottmoor Faste

Protection Obelisk Changes

The following changes will apply to the Mason and Protection Obelisk:

  • Keep upgrade tokens to level 5 and level 9 will now only be usable on home realm owned keeps
  • The Protection buff is now a flat 35% buff regardless of relic or keep ownership status
    • Note: we are looking at ways to make this more dynamic going forward
  • The uninterruptible casting buff given through the obelisk has been removed
    • Please note: we are looking into potential alternative keep changes to be added at a later date

Supplies for the Cause

Supplies for the Cause quest in the frontiers has been updated as follows:

  • Bounty Point reward has been increased to 15,000