Live Hot Fix Notes #2

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Nov 21 12:11 -0500 GMT
Feedback on patch 1.124C has been rolling in and it's been great to read all of your thoughts! With that in mind, here are a few notes for your perusal!

Ruined Areas

  • Grouped characters that are within 3,500 in-game units of the center of the ruined areas at Folley Lake, The Trellebourg, and Moydruim Castle will have their Buggane's Folly, Lone Wolf, and unlocked obelisk-teleport buffs forcibly removed.
    • Judging by the feedback we've received on these areas, they are clearly a big hit! Possibly too-big of a hit. This change is meant to alleviate and disincent some of the group-traffic in the areas but is NOT designed to eliminate it. These areas are still a part of the Frontiers and we do not intend to create any areas where only certain types of players or playstyles can venture. While we can encourage a certain type of play in some areas, the Frontiers are a sandbox for all playstyles and players. This change follows in that vein and is designed to encourage one type of play without also eliminating the other playstyles.
  • Minstrel pets should no longer stop for a split-second when casting the Song of Everlasting Fervor (celerity).
A Dragon's Curse

Chapter 9

  • Loot chests from defeating each boss in A Dragon's Curse campaign Chapter 9 instance will now disappear 60 seconds after spawning. Be sure to get your loot!
  • Loot chests should now always drop something in Chapter 9's instance:
    • Some items from previous chapters, as well as Pure aurulite, have been given a small chance to drop.
    • Cracked aurulite has been added to the loot chests that will drop if no other item is received.
    • These additions do not affect the existing chance of getting your class' set armor or the existing small chance at getting any class' set armor.
  • Sleeves, Chest-pieces, and Leggings/Boots from Chapter 9's instance that were missing armor procs now have them. Characters that do not see the procs when delving the items may need to zone or relog.
    • Procs are as follows:
      • 150 absorption ablative proc, 50% damage absorbed
      • 120 point heal proc
  • Several classes' erroneous Set Bonus descriptions have been adjusted to reflect their actual ability upgrades.
    • Please note that the ability upgrades are meant to be useful, but not game-changing, and to work with most/all specializations within each class.
Bug Fixes

  • A Dragon's Curse Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 encounters in all realms should now award credit more reliably.
  • The Pure Aurulite reward for completing the Chapter 9 quests should be correctly awarded now.
  • Chapter 9's Ingolf encounter should reset properly now.
  • Chapter 9's Najah's damage protection shatter should correctly trigger now.
  • Chapter 9's Varshe should now correctly toggle between his modes with the correct visual cues.
  • The Undead NPC in Camelot now shows its pending quest step knot on [Curse] A Friendly Face.
  • Please note that we are still looking into issues with the [Daily Quest] The Solo Road quest credit. There seems to be a disrepancy between the solo kill stat and the solo kill credit from the quest that is unrelated to the region restrictions added to the quest. Given the fast action occuring at the ruined areas, this pre-existing issue is simply being noticed more often. Unfortunately, fixing this will require server downtime and so this fix likely won't be until our next major version.
  • Please note that we are also still looking into several client-related crashes and will have fixes for these out as soon possible!