Live Hot Fix - #2

Posted by John Thornhill | 2014 Dec 12 07:00 -0500 GMT

Greetings friends,

Darkness Falls is still THE place to be and that's easy to see with all of the realms vying for its control so much in the Frontiers! So what are you waiting for? Legion is /beckoning you.

Speaking of Legion... below is another batch of hot fix notes to address the fantastic feedback we've received on Patch 1.116. Enjoy!

  • The Legion encounter has been adjusted to be more resistant to PBAoE attacks and Legion has had its damaged increased.
  • New repeatable quests have been added to Mystemas for defeating Lillith the Demon Queen and Beliathan, the giant worm. Each quest grants players 1 Daemon Blood Seal.
  • The amount of Daemon Blood Seals received from the quest to defeat all 3 Princes has been increased from 3 to 4.
  • The Basalt and Brimstone shields have had their stats adjusted to more shield-appropriate stats.
    • This generally means that strength and strength cap stats have been changed to dexterity and dexterity cap and that the +shield skill values have been increased.
  • The Basalt and Brimstone shields have had their hit buffer /uses changed to reactive procs.
    • Please note that in order to receive these Hot Fix updates, players with the affected shields will need to unequip them and zone or relog.
  • The Hauberk of Demonic Means, previously only for sale in Albion, is now for available on the Blood Armor Merchant in Midgard and Hibernia.