Live Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2019 May 03 10:45 -0400 GMT

We'll be extending the Rites of Spring event and realm point bonuses until May 14th as a thank you for your patience and understanding with the recent downtimes.

And with that, the following notes are now live!

  • Character spell effects should no longer disappear randomly after playing for a certain time.
    • Please note that players currently in-game will need to exit and run their patcher to get this fix.
  • Hibernia's Dragon Curse Campaign Chapter 9.1 encounter has been adjusted as follows:
    • The flame mechanic has been removed.
    • Players must now defeat Hurgundhu prior to Lady Kharis.
  • Hitpoint and Armor Factor /use items have been changed to be consistent across the board; this affects the following two items specifically:
    • Band of the Dream Conqueror's Triumphant Aura and Traldor's Oracle's Traldor's Aura abilities now co-exist but do not stack with other item-based HP/AF buffs.
      • With this change, ALL item-based HP/AF buffs stack with the class-based HP/AF buffs now.
      • This also changes the abilities on these items to no longer drop when unequipped.
  • Players attempting to enter the throne rooms in each capital city will no longer see a dialogue window telling them they must have the Darkness Rising expansion to enter.
  • The Shades of Mist artifact should no longer occassionally give players a "too far away" message when /used.
  • Weapon drops in Stonehenge Barrows, Coruscating Mine, and Spindelhalla have been given another pass.
    • All weapons have had their stats, weapon speeds, damages, and +skills normalized and generally increased.
    • The target bonus level for these weapons is now around level 35, instead of levels 20-25.
    • Weapons with %damage and %range bonuses are now applied vs all targets.
    • More weapon options have been added to cover all classes.
  • Several issues in the Stonehenge Barrows dungeon have been fixed:
    • All associated quests now have the proper "[Barrows]" prefix.
    • High Priestess Ywera's remains now only drop from High Priestess Ywera.
    • Albino Grugner now has a chance to drop accessories and weapons like the other named bosses in the dungeon.
    • Additional skeletal high priestess monsters now spawn.