Live Client Update

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Oct 05 12:50 -0400 GMT
This client update should address issues that certain players are seeing with character facings; especially in melee combat. We've also noted many of the other small fixes that have gone up since 1.124 has gone live.

Please note, players already online must log out and run their patcher to receive this update.
  • (Client) Fixed an issue causing certain players and monsters to get their character facings slightly offset from their expected direction.
    • Please note that a slight stutter may be seen with characters stopping suddenly once again, but it should still be much improved from prior to 1.124.
  • (Client) The underwater idle animation is once again the correct animation.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get the Solo Road quest again prior to their daily lockout timer.
  • Several issues with Hibernia's Curse Campaign Chapter 6 have been corrected:
    • The barriers should correctly despawn when progressing through the chapter.
    • The marauders will now correctly take damage from equipped soul weapons.
    • The avriel will no longer respawn when defeated.
  • Atlantean Glass purchased from the Currency Exchange NPC will keep it's value at 20,000 after zoning. It also now stacks with itself up to 60,000.
  • Players should no longer get teleported randomly when running near the forge located behind Albion's Milegate in Cathal Valley.
  • Soul-infused boots regen should once again co-exist with Omni-Regens.