King's Order: Prepare for Battle

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Jun 23 07:15 -0400 GMT

Spies and well informed sources of the realms are reporting a growing threat on the horizon. It is unclear where this threat originates but seemed to be levied towards the Kings themselves.

In reaction to this threat the Kings of the realms have ordered the Magistrates and Quartermasters across Hibernia, Albion and Midgard to open the weapon and armor stores and allow Merchants to once again sell Infernal Invasion items, including the much sought after Infernal Sleeves. In addition to these wares, the Quartermasters have released their hold on their stores of Mythirians. New Merchants from the Labyrinth will join the Infernal Merchants to sell these Mythirians.

The Merchants will be in game from Thursday June 23rd until Thursday June 30th.
They are Taunora of Albion, Sonron of Midgard and Retonon of Hibernia.

They are located at:
Albion: Cotswold Entrance of Camelot within the Castle walls.
Midgard: Mularn Entrance of Jordheim along the hillside.
Hibernia: Mag Mell Entrance of Tir Na Nog within the Castle walls.