Hot Fix - Keep LoS Issues

Posted by John Thornhill | 2014 Sep 22 13:50 -0400 GMT
Here are your piping-hot Hot Fix notes:
  • Line of Sight and pet pathing inside the Ruined Keeps should be much improved. This means those pesky "cannot see target" messages should not be seen as much when attacking enemies or healing realmmates when inside these keeps!
  • Some collision adjustments have been made to lower tier Keep models.
  • (Gaheris Only) Caer Benowyc, Bledmeer Faste, and Dun Crauchon are now in a Ruined Keep state on the Gaheris server. This means these keeps have perpetually-open outer and inner gates. The encounters on these keeps remain unchanged.
NOTE: With this fix, in order to login, players will need to run the patcher once to get the change; otherwise, an error will be seen when loading the game client.