Harvest Celebrations

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Nov 21 01:04 -0500 GMT
Update November 27th: Harvest celebrations have drawn to a close. Characters that already have the event quests active may still complete them at the Festival Steward but she will no longer offer new quests.

It's that time of season when the leaves have changed color and are steadily falling, when the wind arrives with a chill, and the bounty of the year's harvest is ready to be served and celebrated!

Harvest Celebration Event

  • The realms are humming with anticipation for their upcoming feasts and local festivals!
    • Help the realms' Festival Steward recover a lost shipment of food and root out some secret stores of delicious desserts!
      • The repeatable RvR quests '[Harvest] Lost Turkey' and '[Harvest] [Daily] Secret Provisions' are now available at each realm's strength relic town at the Festival Steward NPC!
        • Earn bounty points for your efforts!
        • The Tower of Korazh, Deifrang, and Graoch on Ellan Vannin will have sturdier doors for this event's duration.

Farmer's Market Festival

  • The Farmer's Market Festival makes its return to the following locations:
    • Albion: Ludlow
    • Midgard: Vasudheim
    • Hibernia: Ardee
  • Visit the Festival Matron and go bobbing for apples to earn some house trophies!
  • Let Captain Mack in Albion, Captain Marks in Midgard, or Captain Geddes in Hibernia regale you with their tales of a shark THIS big on the high seas and see if you can avenge their crews to earn the Sharkblood Bracer!