Frontiers Update: Generals' Report

Posted by Development | 2019 Feb 22 17:04 -0500 GMT

The Frontier Generals Kogis, Bruki, and Vegda have delivered an urgent report of strange earth-shaking events in Hadrian's Wall, Odin's Gate, and Emain Macha!

  • No known cause is reported but they suspect this could be Manannan mac Lir's doing... somehow.
  • Caer Benowyc, Bledmeer Faste, and Dun Crauchon and all of their towers are in ruins!
    • These Ruined Keeps' walls and doors cannot be repaired and postern doors can be used by any realm.
      • Wholesale repairs on these keeps will be too costly and impossible for some time, however some Repair Supply shipments are beginning to be stockpiled at the keeps.
        • Players on the Supplies for the Cause quest can now visit these Ruined Keeps and gather Repair Supplies.
        • Repair Supplies remain available at Folley Lake, the Trellebourg, and Moydruim Castle too.
    • Teleport to these outposts is still available.
      • Players can use the /realmwar map to teleport to these outposts as normal.
      • Ownership of the keep and all of its towers is still required for teleport.
      • Ownership of these keeps is still required to open telepot to enemy realms or to the Ellan Vannin towers.
    • The Lords of each keep and their tower captains maintain their ever vigilant watch.
      • These Ruined Keeps can be captured and controlled normally but will not spawn any extra guards.
      • These keeps and towers cannot be claimed by guilds.

Now is the time to strike your enemies, but be sure to defend your own Ruined Keep and its towers too!