Ellan Vannin stirs...

Posted by John Thornhill | 2019 Feb 06 11:00 -0500 GMT
The ghostly incursion has come to an end but Manannan mac Lir seems to be growing restless. The realms' generals, ever vigilant, have taken notice.

For now, there's nothing much to do but ensure Manannan mac Lir's sway doesn't expand beyond his temporary holds on the underground keep of Knoc Meayll. 

  • As a precaution, the realms have devoted extra resources to Ellan Vannin, opening up direct teleport to the Towers of Korazh, Deifrang, and Graoch!
    • Teleport to these towers is one-way only and can be initiated via the /realmwar map.
    • Teleport is only possible if the realm's supply line is intact:
      • Albion must hold Caer Boldiam and Caer Benowyc to teleport to an EV tower
      • Midgard must hold Glenlock Faste and Bledmeer Faste to teleport to an EV tower
      • Hibernia must hold Dun nGed and Dun Crauchon to teleport to an EV tower
  • Level 50s should visit their realm's General to obtain the [Manx] [Daily] Preventive Measures quest!
    • Speak to General Kogis in Catterick Hamlet
    • Speak to General Bruki in Godrborg
    • Speak to General Vegda in Crair Treflan