Catch Up in Caledonia Event

Posted by John Thornhill | 2021 May 06 18:03 -0400 GMT
Have you or your friends been thinking of coming back to Dark Age of Camelot? Or are you a veteran player just looking for a change of pace!?

We're excited to announce our 2nd Catch Up In Caledonia event coming Monday, May 17th and starting at 3 PM EST / 9 PM CET!

We've made a host of improvements since the last event and hope to see this iteration as the one we use going forward on a quarterly basis. Read on for the full details!

What is Catch Up in Caledonia?

It's a way to start fresh and rapidly progress to the end-game with players around your level!

The 7-day long event that will take place entirely in the Realm vs Realm-enabled Caledonia battleground zone.

Players will start at level 1 and rapidly progress to level 50 all while earning gear, master levels, champion levels, and realm ranks along the way!

By event's end participants will be ready to compete in the Frontier!

When does the event start and end?

The event starts precisely at 3 PM EST / 9 PM CET on Monday, May 17th  a nd will end at the same time on Monday, May 24th.

How does the event work?

  • For the first 4 days of the event, newly created level 1 characters will be automatically zoned into the Caledonia battleground where they will vie for control against the enemy realms!
    • This will be the ONLY way to get inside the battleground zone. Once inside, characters can voluntarily leave but CANNOT return!
    • All monsters, center-keep guards, and siege weapons are removed for the event. The only way to progress is by defeating realm enemies in battle and completing the related quests.
    • Charm-pet classes will be able to create a pet to charm at their realm's portal keep.
  • ‚ÄčAt 3 PM EST / 9 PM CET on Friday, May 21st character starting locations will reset to their default zones and no new characters will be able to join the event. Everyone still inside Caledonia will be able to continue progressing for the remainder of the event's duration.
  • Experience, bounty, and realm point bonuses will be granted to both free and subscribed accounts in the battleground to help them progress!
  • Earn bounty points for completing quests and defeating enemy realm players and use them to purchase level-appropriate gear as you strive to 50 and then master and champion levels!
  • All characters will begin and remain in the same Caledonia zone for the entirety of the event.
    • The following level caps will be in place for all characters in Caledonia and will increase as follows every 24 hours:
      • Day 1 (Monday): Level 9 maximum
      • Day 2 (Tuesday): Level 19 
      • Day 3 (Wednesday): Level 29 
      • Day 4 (Thursday) : Level 39
      • Day 5 (Friday): Level 49
      • Days 6-7 (Sat-Mon): Level 50
    • Characters that reach the day's level cap will still be able to earn realm and bounty points this time!

What improvements have been made?

We made several updates during the previous event and have several new ones for this iteration:
  • Characters that are 5 levels or more below the day's level cap will receive the Caledonia Boost buff.
    • This buff greatly increases the damage dealt and greatly reduces damage received from characters that do not have the buff (higher level characters)!
    • Characters with the Caledonia Boost buff active will also DOUBLE the XP and BP rewards for themselves and their group!
    • When the level cap reaches 49 the buff will be given out to characters 3 or more levels under the cap.
  • Random teleports into the zone are now all in open field locations!
  • The buff NPC offers a free of cost Full Buffs token to level 1-9 characters!
  • Level 1-5 characters will no longer receive resurrection sickness after death and its duration is set to 60s for all other levels in the zone.
  • The /xp off and /rp off commands no longer stop XP or RP gain in Caledonia.
  • Crowd control durations now have a reduced starting duration, scaling down by 1% for every level below 50!
    • This reduction starts at a 2% reduction at level 49 and scales down to a 50% reduction at level 1.
  • A new realm point penalty system has been introduced to the Caledonia zone for kills done by overwhelming forces!
    • Realm points are drastically reduced for kills where a realm outnumbers the other by 3 to 1 odds or more.
    • This penalty currently only triggers when the attacking realm has 25+ members in the area of the kill.
    • This system is designed to encourage groups to roam around separately more during the event!
  • The kill counts for completing quests have been reduced at the early level ranges.
  • Champion Level experience rewards for quests at level 50 have been drastically increased!

How far will I be able to progress?

Players that start at the beginning of the event should be able to reach level 50, Champion level 15, Master level 10, and Realm Rank 5+ with the potential to earn much higher realm ranks! Characters will also be able to earn enough bounty points to not only obtain gear as they progress towards level 50 but also to use for end-game gear via Bountycrafting after reaching level 50!