Catch Up in Caledonia Event Update

Posted by John Thornhill | 2021 Mar 08 17:23 -0500 GMT
The Catch Up in Caledonia Event was a huge hit over the weekend with thousands of characters leveling through the event so far in its first 3 days.

With today marking the start of the 4th day, new character creation for the event is now disabled.

  • Characters still in the level 1-4 and level 1-9 areas can now visit their realm's Teleporter NPC to [advance] to the level 10+ battleground and then speak with the Caledonia Event Coordinator to receive level 10 and some bounty points! 
  • Day 4 means a current level cap of 30! Don't worry if you're still far behind, with the Caledonia Boost buff, lower levels can still compete!
    • Grouping with any character that has the Caledonia Boost will also grant their entire group (regardless of group member levels) a 400% XP and BP gain bonus!

Thanks to all that have and will continue to participate in the event, we have loved every minute of it and hope you have too!

Feedback on the event has been tremendous and we've already made several tweaks to it. We look forward to going over more feedback as the event continues so that we can make the next iteration even better!

Here are some of the updates to the event in case you missed them in our official discord channel:

  • Random teleport locations have been improved to no longer send characters into the keep areas.
  • Added a Caledonia Boost buff to level 1 characters and characters that are 7 levels or more below the current level cap.
    • This buff drastically reduces damage received and massively increases damage dealt on these characters so that they can better compete against higher levels.
  • Resurrection sickness is removable by the Healer NPC in the level 1-4 and 5-9 areas.
  • The buff NPC now offers a free buff token to level 1-2 characters.
  • The bounty merchant now has power-heal and power-regen potions for sale.
  • The pet collector NPC is now available for charm classes.