Battle Herald: Stealth Wars

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 May 02 07:11 -0400 GMT
This weekend our Battle Herald put on dark clothes and sneaky boots, because he wanted to witness the secret battle between the stealthers of the realms. Expecting to be able to watch them in their natural habitat, the Battle Herald patrolled the bridges around Dun Crauchon for a while but was surprised to find those places surprisingly empty. He then decided to travel to Hadrian’s Wall to search for stealther around the massive fights going on in that area.

Attackers from Hibernia and defenders from Albion were bound in large scale fights, while the armies maneuvered from Benowyc Spire to Caer Benowyc and back – often disturbed by smaller marauding groups from Midgard. And around the flanks of the forces were the stealthers; scouting and ambushing whoever was a bit separated from the main troops, as well as trying to find and kill each other.

Are these anonymous fighters a benefit or a plague; a brave first line of attack or a sneaky bunch of murderers? We’ll keep an eye on them.