Battle Herald: News From The Frontlines VII

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 May 31 13:08 -0400 GMT
Did Merlin feel the tremors in his eternal sleep? Forces from Albion, Hibernia and Midgard filled the air with battle screams fighting over his staff during the last days. Stolen by Hibernia some days ago and kept in one of their keeps, Merlin’s Staff was pilfered by Midgard raiders Sunday morning when Hestina carried it into the snowy lands. Hibernia took the challenge and reversely invaded Midgard, but although Lovein already held the staff in his hands, he was killed and Midgard managed to secure the relic… for about 11 hours. Then Albion forces lead by Rescu reclaimed what is supposed to be rightfully theirs; they carried Merlin’s Staff back to its shrine in Snowdonia … for about 11 hours until Hibernia was on the move again and closed the circle by bringing the relic back to Dun Ailinne. 

While Albion slowly re-conquered their frontiers, the Battle Herald ventured into the labyrinth hidden under the island of Agramon. The many winding corridors make it hard to get and hard to keep an overview of. They are ideal for surprise attacks and unexpected encounters when scouting fails. Unimpressed by the events on the surface, groups of Albion, Hibernia and Midgard milled around those depths, using the obelisks to find enemies. The battle still continues to rage back and forth; no side can really claim ownership of these old structures ...

We will see you there!