Battle Herald: News From The Frontlines VI

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 May 23 07:53 -0400 GMT
Merciless fights in confined space build the theme of last weekend. Although Hibernia was under attack and lost the power relic for a short while, the major confrontations between the realms focused in a completely different area - on the battlefield of Thidranki.

Over the weekend the two battlefields Thidranki and Cathal Valley had been switched. While the young fighters of the levels 20 to 24 were going to Cathal Valley to struggle against the enemies of their realm, the more experienced warriors from level 45 to 50 were offered the opportunity to travel to Thindranki to participate in the battles.

And this option has been used extensively. From Thursday to today, Thidranki Faste was the center of almost permanent brawl, and the three bridges were the main routes for the attack or the quickest way to throw back the enemies to their portal keep. Other groups took advantage of the rivers and hills to flank unaware enemies or to fall them in the back.

What were your experiences in the battles? Do claustrophobia and blood thirst summarize the return to Thidranki?