Battle Herald: News From The Frontlines IV

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 May 09 08:19 -0400 GMT
Being the sacred relic of Hibernia’s King, Lug’s Spear of Lightning, was quite sought after this weekend. After an absence of some weeks it was returned to the shrine Saturday morning by the Hero Ruxxn only to get heisted by Albion forces again on Sunday night when Earthmover and Selinea carried it to their frontiers. But the Albion joy didn’t lasted long – a few hours later the relic was again stolen. This time a Skald named Bamsenxx was the one to carry the relic to Midgard where it is now stored in Bledmeer Faste.

When the Battle Herald joined the action on Sunday afternoon, he once again encountered KaptKent leading The Scarlet Knights and their comrades through Albion frontiers, pillaging and raiding. The first tower raid attempt which our Battle Herald witnessed stalled when a handful of casters from Albion managed to defend the rooftop. They were soon overwhelmed, though, while Midgard invaders continued to lay waste to the lands of Albion.

What will the next days bring? Where is the leader to claim back Hibernia’s relics?