Battle Herald: News from the Frontlines

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Jun 18 13:28 -0400 GMT
As things are, King Lug hasn’t got his spear back, but his realm also lost Dagda’s Cauldron. Once again, we saw a war torn weekend full off merciless battles all over the frontiers.

When the Battle Herald entered the Frontiers on Sunday afternoon Albion had managed to establish a beachhead in Dun Crimthain. Hibernia’s North was echoing with battle cries and the sounds of clashing steel while armies of Albion invaders pressed eastward to Dun Crauchon with West Crauchon bridge, Crauchon Spire and Crimthain Outpost as the focal point of the slaughter.

Although Midgard first used the opportunity to capture some of Hibernia keeps and towers, they soon switched to invade Albion which gave Hibernia the chance to free their country when the fighters of Albion rushed back to defend their homeland.

Later in the evening after successfully re-conquering their lands, Albion troops lead by Rescu and Billings tried a surprise attack on Dun Ailinne, where Merlin’s staff is still kept. While the  advancing forces were able to lock down both postern doors, the attack against the main gate was finally thwarted by the defenders already present in the keep when they were joined by Hibernian reinforcements lead by Shamashar.

The day ended with an invasion of Midgard frontiers and a successful attack on Fensalir Faste, where Midgard kept Lug’s Spear. Now the spear is stored away in Caer Renaris, and Hibernia already has a beachhead at Caer Erasleigh, as does Midgard at Caer Berkstead.

Is this where you’ll head now?