Battle Herald: News from the Frontlines

Posted by Dave Crooks | 2011 Aug 08 07:53 -0400 GMT
The warhorn of Midgard could be heard all throughout Hadrian’s Wall early Sunday evening as a host lead by Vigdisdk cut a swath through Albion territory. The raiding party sacked towers at Caer Boldiam, Cear Berkstead, and Caer Benowyc with only mild resistance from the outnumbered Albion defenders. Pausing near Berkstead to prepare for another assault saw the forces of Midgard ambushed by a group Bainshees that had tracked them along the Suspiro River. After a quick and lethal attack the Bainshees and their Hibernian supporters retreated south across Hadrian’s Wall, but the remaining forces of Midgard, hungry for revenge, ran them down as they fled.

Although Midgard crushed their assailants, the Hibernian attack had broke the host into two groups and slowed their momentum. Albion, not keen to let their prized Hibernian Relic fall into the hands of Midgard, deftly used their enemy’s moment of disorganization to fortify Caer Renaris. After being Harried and delayed by Hibernian attacks and scattered Albionians desperate to regain their lost towers, the Midgardian warband reached the keep. By this time however, Caer Renaris’ defenses proved too great and Albion successfully defended their Hibernian prize.