Battle Herald: News From The Frontlines

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Jul 11 10:28 -0400 GMT

After a lot of back and forth skirmishes without major lands gains, Sunday evening saw the wrath of Albion renewed, when the troops of Billings and Rescu joined forces to recapture Albions relics which were both held in Hibernia. After gaining a foothold in Dun da Behnn the Albion invaders quickly laid siege on Dun nGed and took it while Hibernia defenders were distracted by a simultaneous attack of Albion on Ailinne Outpost and a Migard raid on Dun Crimthain.   

The assault on Ailinne Outpost was successful; a Hibernia detachment arriving shortly before the tower fell to the enemy came too late. The following attack on Dun Ailinne itself, where Merlin’s Staff is stored, was thrown back by Hibernia’s defender, so the Albion forces retreated and rushed through Traitor’s Pass to take Scathaig Outpost and then storm the valley of Dun Scathaig, where the stolen Scabbard of Excalibur was held.

With most of the Hibernian forces concentrated around Dun Ailinne, the few guards and defenders of Dun Scathaig were no match for the resolute press and Albion’s army was soon left with the task to transport their relic all the way back over the Irish Sea to its temple in Forest Sauvage.

Asked for his opinion, King Lug Lamfhota stated:

‘Ah well, these bigoted Albions and their senseless struggle. Who would care about a dirty, empty scabbard anyway? Our sacred realm had no use for it. We fully expect to have Our spear back in the near future - before it acquires a displeasing smell.’

This day sees Merlin’s Staff still stashed in Dun Ailinne while Lug’s Spear of Lightning is secured in Fensalir Faste. How long will this situation last?