1.126 Live Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2019 Nov 13 16:38 -0500 GMT

Endless Conquest and patch 1.126 have been up and running smoothly for a full day now. It's been exciting seeing all the new (and many familiar!) faces. A huge thank you to those who have sent in feedback and/or bug reports, please keep them coming! We have some fixes and changes based on those initial reports for you this evening.

Developer's note:

  • We're currently aware of and working hard on fixes for the following issues (these fixes will likely require server downtime to address):
    • Certain pets chain-buffing themselves as well as occassionally enemy targets.
    • Certain pets not casting certain abilities that they normally would.
    • Targeting and attacking issues after coming out of forceful zephyr.
      • NOTE: As a temporary solution, players experiencing this issue can clear their target by clicking on the ground and then re-select their target to be able to attack again.
    • Dead players appearing as "alive" briefly after /releasing.
    • The /bg groups command no longer functioning
Click the link below for some tweaks and bug fixes that are now live!

Hot Fix Notes


Returning Player Quests

  • These quests will no longer automatically teleport players to the throne rooms if the quest is pending.
  • Vault Keepers have been added to the throne rooms to help players store their loot before finishing these quests.

Veteran Rewards

  • Accounts who logged in earlier today and could not interact with the Royal Treasurer (but were eligible to based on Veteran years) can now interact with the NPC and receive their rewards.

Mithril Shop

  • The Mithril Masks are once again able to be purchased from the Mithril Pattern NPC.

Realm vs Realm

Supplies for the Cause quest

  • This quest's experience reward has been significantly increased for all accounts.

Battleground Experience

  • Battleground zone bonuses for experience gain have been significantly increased.
    • Battleground base quest experience values remain the same but these are affected by the improved zone bonus values on Veteran (subscribed) accounts.