1.125 Live Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2018 Nov 14 11:48 -0500 GMT

We've been thrilled with the reception of patch 1.125 and want to thank you all for the feedback and bug reports you've sent in thus far, keep them coming!

Developer's note:

  • We're currently aware and still working on fixes for the following issues:
    • Master level ability icon timers appearing as though their abilities are not on cooldown even though the ability is actually on cooldown.
    • Population bonuses not displaying on the realm bonuses window.
Click the link below for some tweaks and bug fixes that are now live!

Hot Fix Notes


Alchemy Tradeskill

  • Cauldrons of Tenacity recipes should no longer be asking for extra ingredients when attempting to craft it.
  • Stardust recipes should now show up as available to characters with 1,000 alchemy tradeskill (users may need to re-run their camelot.exe patcher to see this change).

Knoc Meayll

  • Fixed an issue with some collision holes (users may need to re-run their camelot.exe patcher to see this change).

Realm vs Realm

Supplies for the Cause quest

  • This quest has been split into 2 versions as follows:
    • Supplies for the Cause
      • Must be level 50
      • Must not be champion level 15 yet
      • No weekly lockout, can be done as many times as possible until the character reaches CL15.
      • Automatically applies any earned champion levels upon quest completion.
      • Rewards 5,000 bounty points, several hundred gold, and massive amounts of experience per completion.
      • Asks players to gather 25 rubble and 25 supplies.
      • Still obtained from the Cargomaster NPCs near the Merchant keep docks.
    • [Weekly] Supplies for the Cause
      • Now requires that characters be champion level 15 to obtain.
      • No longer awards experience.
      • All other rewards, requirements, and tasks remain unchanged.

Item Changes

Mithril Shop Changes

  • Name Change Tokens are temporarily unavailable as we review some character naming processes.
    • They will be back as soon as we are happy with how everything is working!

Magic Orbs

  • Magic Orbs should now only give out the correct realm's randomly-generated loot.

Speed of the Hunt

  • Speed of the Hunt gems have been reduced in cost from 50 to 25 bounty points
  • Greater Speed of the Hunt gems have been reduced in cost from 1,000 to 500 bounty points
  • Superior Speed of the Hunt gems have been reduced in cost from 5,000 to 2,500 bounty points

Boxes of Rare Potions

  • These have had their cost reduced from 1,000 to 500 points.

Boxes of Rare Alchemy Components

  • These have been increased to award from 2-5 to 3-5 alchemy components per /use and their cost has been reduced from 2,500 to 1,000 bounty points.

Curse Sets

  • Hunter's Rabid Eye Boots now has the correct 3% spell pierce instead of 2%.

Class Changes

Champion Level Abilities

  • Anti-venom body magic resist buff can now be cast on the move.


  • Friar's instant taunt no longer shares a recast timer with their Heal-over-Time.


  • Fixed an issue with their instant-cast debuffs triggering a timer while in melee combat.
  • The new ablative buff + effectiveness/melee haste debuff spells have been re-worked and fixed as follows:
    • Cast speed is now 3.0s and can be modified by dexterity and casting stat bonuses.
    • The ablative and debuffs now always apply on the enemy target and last their full 60s duration.
      • However, the ablative and debuff can no longer be re-applied onto the enemy target until the ablative dissipates or its duration expires.


  • The level 45 Gift of Hibernia now correctly costs 25% power when cast.