1.124C Live Client Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Nov 16 17:20 -0500 GMT
The servers have only been up a short while and we've already witnessed some incredible action and fights in and around the ruined areas and the routes to and from them!

We've been keeping an eye on all of the issues reported and have a quick batch of fixes ready! Please note that players will need to relog to desktop and run the patcher to fix most of these!

  • Fix for the 'warping' movement of other clients' characters.
  • Fix for some missing textures on certain Race/Gender/Hair combinations.
  • Dead characters should no longer be nearest-target-able and their names should appear with the correct color and at the correct height.
  • Stealthers can now stealth when the Lone Wolf buff is active.
  • Any characters experiencing a Lone Wolf buff that only lasts for a short, 60s duration when used should replace their Token of the Lone Wolf at the nearest Ruined area obelisk. Once replaced the buff will correctly refresh its duration every 60s.
  • The Lone Wolf buff now lasts through death. It still is removed on grouping, logout, or zoning.
  • The [Daily Quest] Solo Road Quest should be awarding players credit correctly now.
  • Necromancers should no longer lose health and receive a resist buff when casting their level baseline lifedrain spells.