1.124 Live Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Oct 06 17:08 -0400 GMT
The following changes are now live!
  • The summoned pets in the Dragon Curse Campaign Ch. 6 have been improved as follows:
    • Damage mobs do more damage
      • Alb: Selan, Guy
      • Mid: Garmr, Freki
      • Hib: Cystilla, Rhogart
    • Tank mobs hold aggro much better from their NPC allies (not the player)
      • Alb: Maximilian
      • Mid: Garmr
      • Hib: Riarona
    • Selan (Alb) & Freki (Mid) now have backup healing. Salle’s (Hib) healing value is prioritized over celerity now.
  • The Mythical Crowd Control stats on the following items have had their stat values reduced. The new values below allow these items to have essentially the same net impact on crowd control reduction that they had prior to 1.124.
    • Lesser Irrepressible Mythirian: 4 to 1% crowd control reduction
    • Average Irrepressible Mythirian: 7 to 2% crowd control reduction
    • Greater Irrepressible Mythirian: 10 to 3% crowd control reduction
    • Dragon Movement Mythirian: Remains 3% crowd control reduction
    • Freezing Conqueror Mythirian: 10 to 2% crowd control reduction
    • Otherworldly Stoic Gem: 15 to 3% crowd control reduction
    • Dark Dragon Scale: 5 to 3% crowd control reduction
    • Ring of the Cursed King: 5 to 1% crowd control reduction
    • Cape of the Pictish Hero: 5 to 2% crowd control reduction
  • The Ranger RR5, Nature's Madness, should now sever the connection of enemy controlled pets more consistently. This fixes an issue where sometimes the enemy pets would not immediately have their connection severed while inside the storm's effect.