1.123C Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Aug 31 13:03 -0400 GMT
Based on feedback from the 5v5 event, we're going to hold off on introducing the character movement changes from the 1.123C Pendragon notes until we can make some adjustments to them. Since those changes require server downtime, we're going to introduce the other fixes and changes from the 1.123C Pendragon notes in the form of a Hot Fix today and delay the character movement and +range% fix (which also requires server downtime) until the 1.124 version. We're aiming to release version 1.124 prior to Dark Age of Camelot's 16th anniversary.

Without further ado, the following notes are now live! 


  • Buggane’s Obelisk will now rotate once every 4 hours instead of once every 24 hours.
  • The portal ceremony to Ellan Vannin will now port once every 5 minutes instead of once every 10 minutes.
  • The Triumphant Wristguard reward (called "Band of the Dream Conqueror") from the Chapter 6 Dragon Curse campaign will now be tradable to other players.
  • The Chapter 6 Dragon Curse campaign solo instance’s mobs have had their difficulty reduced slightly.
  • The Chapter 5 Dragon Curse campaign Vulcan (Albion) and Darkspire Crystal (Midgard) bosses have had their difficulties reduced slightly. Hibernia's boss is already at the correct difficulty.

Class Changes

Enchantment specialization
  • The Enchantment of Mana's proc rate has been reduced from a 50% to a 40% chance to proc.
Beastcraft specialization
  • The chance for the Hunter’s Avatar to land a rear stun has been removed entirely.
  • The chance for the Hunter’s Avatar to proc disease has been reduced as follows:
    • Level 40 avatar: 10% down to 7% chance.
    • Level 50 avatar: 15% down to 10% chance.

Bug Fixes and Client Updates

  • Players that are within 2000 units of the boss when it dies should consistently receive credit when completing Chapter 5 of the Dragon Curse campaign.
    • Please note that the previous step still requires characters to equip their Soul weapon prior to fighting the boss.
  • The Chapter 5 Dragon Curse encounters should no longer despawn when the encounter is failed.
  • The Chapter 6 Dragon Curse campaign's Dream mobs should no longer respawn while the instance is underway.
  • The plate armor Soul Infused Greaves should now equip to the right armor location.