1.121 Hot Fix and Client Update

Posted by John Thornhill | 2016 Jul 28 13:48 -0400 GMT

1.121 has been out for a couple days now and the action has been fantastic and we've loved reading your feedback! We've been hard at work making sure everything's running as smoothly as possible by squashing all of the bugs we can. A HUGE thank you goes to all of you who have helped us by reporting any bugs you all have come across, please continue to do so!

Check out the notes below:

Bug Fixes

  • (Client) The mouse look toggle feature should once again function as it did prior to 1.121.
    • Please note if you're currently logged in you'll need to log out and re-run the patcher to get this update.
  • The new single-target instant heals given to Clerics, Druids, and Healers will no longer fire on targets at full health, preventing unintended power consumption.
    • The Paladin's group instant heal will still not fire on targets at full health but will cause power to be consumed as it's a group-targeted spell and cannot be prevented from doing so.
  • The Paladin's level 12 Chant of Stamina should pulse correctly now.
  • The Warden's self endurance chant should no longer share a re-use timer with other abilities.
  • The Runemaster's pulsing bladeturn spells now appear in the Suppression specialization line at the correct levels 36 and 46.
    • Please note that a respec will need to be performed to see this change.
  • Several spell level values in specialization lines have been corrected to display the correct level of the spell.
  • Warlocks' should no longer get double-deathblows on targets killed with Doom's damage over time spell.
  • Offensive and Defensive proc buffs on several classes should no longer give an error when the user has another player targeted with an active proc spell.
    • Please note that this fix will result in some lower level versions of offensive and defensive procs to overwrite higher level versions.


  • Archery's new elemental shots (Somatic, Entropic, Lithic, and Tempestuous) have had their quickbar icons updated.
  • The Touch of Death line of poisons has had its quickbar icon updated.
  • The Assassin's Blur ability can no longer be cast on themselves.
  • The Assassin's Envenom poison proc buffs can no longer be re-cast on the assassin if that particular buff is already active.
  • The Assassin's Shadow Seek buff can no longer be recast if its already active.
  • The Light Tank's stance buffs can no longer be recast if that particular stance is already active.
  • Active chants, songs, and other pulsing spells should no longer cause the Assassin's Overshadow buff to expire prematurely.
  • Shaman's Caustic Carapace spell can no longer be cast on Buggane's Obelisk.
  • Friar's high-end group resist buff (Heat, Cold, Matter) is now obtainable at level 43 instead of 46.
    • Please note that a respec will need to be performed to see this change.
  • Champion's debuff functionality has been changed to work like list-caster debuffs on buffed targets. Overall this will result in less stats being removed from Champion-debuffed targets than before even though the delves will remain the same.
    • The re-use timers on Champion debuffs have been reduced from 20s to 15s.
  • Warlock's Witchcraft specialization Anguish and Agony damage over time spells have had their frequencies reduced as follows:
    • Anguish DoTs will now tick once every 5 seconds instead of every 4 seconds, the duration remains unchanged at 30s.
    • Agony DoTs will now tick once every 3.5s instead of every 3 seconds, the duration remains unchanged at 25s.
  • Hunter's Point Blank Shot's pulsing blade turn frequencies have been reduced as follows:
    • Point Blank Shot 1 pulses once every 12s instead of 10s now.
    • Point Blank Shot 2 pulses once every 10s instead of 8s now.
    • Point Blank Shot 3 pulses once every 8s instead of 6s now.
  • Vampiir's Summon Night's Servant spell now costs 250 power instead of 300.
    • On summon, the pet now fires a group buff that counts down its duration. This buff is removed if the pet dies, is released, or its 5 minute duration timer ends.