Chapter 5
You must be level 50 to start this quest line.This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need a couple of groups or battlegroup to complete Chapter 5, and must have completed all previous chapters. 


Once you've completed Chapter 4, continue speaking with Master Tiorvi to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Focal Point.
Master Tiorvi wants you to offer your assistance to Master Torgo in Gotar.
Speak with Garrisa north-west of Master Tiorvi who will teleport you to the Farm House

Once teleported inside the Farm House, speak with Master Torgo to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with him to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Knock, Knock, Midgard Calling.
Master Torgi wants you to test your strength against the enemy forces.

Venture outside the Farm House and defeat the following mobs:

  • 3 Jotun Shards
  • 6 Jotun Fragments
  • 3 Jotun Drakes

Once completed, return to Master Torgo to complete this part of the quest.

Continue speaking with Master Torgo to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Dobelan Gives Up Pillaging.
Master Torgo wants you to gather friends and defeat Dobelan's splinter group.
This is a battlegroup encounter.
Dobelan cannot be attacked from range, and be prepared for additional aggro as Dobelan calls for help during the fight.

Once you have defeated Dobelan, return to Master Torgo for your gem reward.


  • After completing Chapter 4, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 5:
    • Albion: Master Allen in the Otherworlds' Black Mountains South, Chapter 4 area
    • Midgard: Master Tiorvi in the Otherworlds' Gotar, Chapter 4 area
    • Hibernia: Master Iacobus in the Otherworlds' Silvermine Mountains, Chapter 4 area
  • A New Threat
    • The Otherworlds teems with more than just the minions of Uther, Ymir, or Cliodna...
    • Defeat this new threat to earn the Otherworldly Gem!
    • Discover more Otherworldly Essences in these new areas!

Fan Fiction


I have sent this letter to you by fastest Wyvern, not that I nor our relationship are of such importance that the eagles of Midgard need bear our correspondence. Instead, I seek assistance for our realm, for her, and yes, for our future. Her. No doubt your mind was not anticipating, and suddenly emotions and questions are startling. There is no good way for a troll to tell mother this, and I would have held my tongue until I returned in person, but for her, for I could not bear to return to you without her. Yet I am so frustrated, unsteady on my feet. With my words around her, I am a bleating sheep from the lowlands and only you could understand how to help me. Please, listen, and understand what I am unable, cannot, say.

Her name is Alvaas, a true healer of Eir, our Frostalf kin. More than that she has soft hands, and a mind oh so much quicker than mine. Eyes of, I am lost elsewhere and the ink dries shoddily.

She has awakened something in my troll-self, Mummz, something deep and hard as dwarven stone. I've paused again Mummz, some sort of flash, and now its gone, and I'm back here, waiting for developments. I've reread what I just wrote above, wondering. At times I glance at my writing and am unsure if it was I who wrote what I see, but it's my writing, unless Jotun Devilry. She notices me, Mummz, but, I just don't know what's missing. Where we are, it just isn't where I want to be. For this I seek your advice, counsel, for her, for our future.

Of the realm, We have dire need of timely assistance. That, above all, is why the Wyvern sent. I trust in reading this you will understand.

This morning Master Tiorvi approached our group and asked that we render assistance to Master Torgo in Gotar, but alas Mummz, not the Gotar you nor I recall, but some sort of dreamworld Gotar. We traveled there and I think given the striking similarity to our Gotar, it gave me a very big sense of unease. We spoke to Master Trogo, who was unsure of the worth of our group. He wanted to test us first, I think, by sending us out to collect a number of enemies and to return, a dozen Jotuns in total, of three separate types, types so different than the Mountain Jotun we know of.

We soon returned to master Trogo with our bounties, at this point Alvaas was quite bored, at least she seemed so. I believe whatever she was writing in her journal was not about our uneventful travels so far this morning. However, Master Trogo then requested, that based on his information gathered so far, that we find as many friends as we could to defeat this Dobelan's splinter group. There were several others of Midgard in attendance so we rallied them to us, but thought not further that this would test our mettle, of late our trials here have been easing. We should have known.

It came down, our survival, to the mind, the foresight of Alvaas. This, just one example of how she has awakened me.

As we approached this Dobelan, she touched my arm. "Protect me" she said, looking further on at a multitude gathered in the distance. With pause, she added, "You are a true warrior of Tyr, Smugahs, though you not yet know it...Reach deep within yourself to use what Tyr has bestowed to you". With my usual response, I belted "what", for I could not think of anything else to say, still feeling her touch on my arm. She smiled secretively, and said "reach deep, in the heat of battle, you will know, it will come for you, Warrior".

At a cry from ahead I turned from her. Our Dwarf leader had engaged this Dobelan, no doubt thinking I dither with the other healers. Not to be outdone when watched by her, I charged this tall creation, less Jotun than beast. A worthy opponent, for once, this creature took little damage from our combined onslaught. I thought then of the words of Alvaas. I reached deep, hunger for battle, this fight, shock of weapon, hands, arms, shoulders upon impact, parry, riposte. Out of the deep the need to protect. I turned then, protecting Alvaas. A swarm of creatures flooding her, her cry, that sound I vow never hear again, feeling her pain, seeping life force almost gone. I reached still deeper. A roar, taunt of fury, a swipe of shield, these creatures to a one, turned to me. Tyr will not be ignored, cannot be ignored. Without pause she recovers, we survive, by area effect these creatures were dispatched, and none too soon, for Dobelan proved more stout than any we have yet encountered in this Otherworld.

We returned to Master Trogo. Taking what information we gave him, he crafted gems for us. A gem of good quality I thought, but in looking at Alvaas, she, cradling her gem, a single tear of joy speckling her cheek, again I was choked, suddenly at a loss for words. Catching my eye, "The power regeneration", she murmured, a slight yet fierce smile of joy, "so precious." That she would hold me like that.

But I digress. We have gone in the space of a day, from adventurers, to desperation and over-extension. If tomorrow what we face is still stronger, this may have been my last letter. Please call for us the Einherjar, that Norse Thane. Of greater need here, have we.

In all his desperation

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