Chapter 5
You must be level 50 to start this quest line.This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need a couple of groups or battlegroup to complete Chapter 5, and must have completed all previous chapters. 


Once you've completed Chapter 4, continue speaking with Master Allen to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Focal Point.
Master Allen wants you to offer your assistance to Master Locke in Black Mountain South.
Speak with Larrisa south-west of Master Allen who will teleport you to the North Bridge

Once teleported to the North Bridge, speak with Master Locke to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with him to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Knock, Knock, Albion Calling.
Master Locke wants you to test your strength against the enemy forces.

Venture north of the bridge and defeat the following mobs:

  • 3 Spirit Pillagers
  • 6 Spirit Raiders
  • 3 Spirit Looters

Once completed, return to Master Locke to complete this part of the quest.

Continue speaking with Master Locke to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: It's a Warraugh Party.
Master Locke wants you to gather friends and defeat Warraugh's war party.
This is a battlegroup encounter.
Warraugh cannot be attacked from range, and be prepared for additional aggro as Warraugh calls for help during the fight.

Once you have defeated Warraugh, return to Master Locke for your gem reward.


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