Chapter 4
You must be level 50 to start this quest line.This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need a group or more to complete Chapter 4, and must have completed all previous chapters. 


Once you've completed Chapter 3, continue speaking with Master Engler to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: The Ghostly Town.
Master Engler wants you to offer your assistance to Master Tiorvi at the Ghostly Town.
Speak with Garrisa beside Master Engler who will teleport you to the Ghostly Town. 

Once teleported to the Ghostly Town, speak with Master Tiorvi to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with him to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: The Wayward Hunter.
Master Tiorvi wants you to locate the missing hunter who was sent into the town to catch a glimpse of what lies ahead, and report to Arin Snowtouch with your findings.
The missing hunter can be found by the tree north-west of Master Tiorvi (loc: 47084, 37830, 4646).

Speak with the missing hunter to complete this part of the quest.
The missing hunter warns you that the spirits know we are here and sends you to speak with the tormented souls located within the ghostly town of Nalliten.
Head north/north-east into the ghostly town of Nalliten.

Speak with any one of the tormented souls to complete this part of the quest.
The tormented soul tells a tale of imprisonment and servitude to Ymir. They tell of a portal keeper who holds a key to a portal to the living worlds and awaits Ymir's command to open the portal.
Return to Arin Snowtouch with this information and to complete this part of the quest.

Continue speaking with Arin Snowtouch to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Finders Keepers.
Arin Snowtouch wants you to venture back into the ghostly town of Nalliten to find and defeat the Portal Keeper, and retrieve his key.

Head back into the ghostly town and find the Portal Keeper, disguised as an old man.
When attacked he will transform into his real form.
Defeat him to complete this part of the quest and return to Arin Snowtouch.
This is a group credit encounter.

Continue speaking with Arin Snowtouch to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Safeguarding Nalliten.
Arin Snowtouch wants to to travel to Jordheim and give Braden the Portal Keeper's key.
Speak with Garissa to port to Svasud Faste.
Once at Svasud Faste, speak with Stor Gothi Annark to travel to Jordheim.
Find Braden in Jordheim and give him the key (located upstairs in the caster training building at loc: 25893, 27908, 8234).

Return to Master Tiorvi to complete the quest and obtain your Otherworldly Belt reward.

Additional Quests

There is one additional quest available in this Chapter, separate from the main quest line. This quest can be obtained from the named tormented soul, Flayer Hodur, located within the ghostly town of Nalliten

[Jotun]: From Beyond the Grave

Find and speak with Flayer Hodur within the ghostly town of Nalliten to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: From Beyond the Grave.
Flayer Hodur wants you to travel out of the spirit world and deliver his axe to his only son, Jicq, in Nalliten.
Speak with Garissa by Arin Snowtouch to port to Svasud Faste.
From there, port to Gotar.

Find Jicq located north-east in Nalliten, by the overturned boat (loc: 50406, 33809, 4624).
Speak with him to give him his father's axe and complete the quest.
This quest rewards 165 gold, and a large amount of experience.


  • After completing Chapter 3, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 4:
    • Albion: Master Mills in the Otherworlds' Lyonesse, Chapter 3 area
    • Midgard: Master Engler in the Otherworlds' Vanern Swamp, Chapter 3 area
    • Hibernia: Master Ernston in the Otherworlds' Bog of Cullen, Chapter 3 area
  • A Ghostly Town
    • Track down a missing scout to uncover the enemies' plot and be rewarded with the Otherworldly Belt!
    • With Chapter 4, the realms' have ventured into Otherworldly versions of Black Mountains South, Gotar, and the Silvermine Mountains.
    • Discover more Otherworldly Essences in these new areas!

Fan Fiction


I have no choice but write to you, respond to you, open to you.

You called me out, sent me now; "Do not fall back, do not allow."
"Protect, yet forward be; slay enemies even on bended knee."

A healer you mock? Yet given without shock.
This gives me pause.
I can, will fight your cause.

Master Engler sent us again, this time to the Ghost Town to speak to Tiorvi. We did. There is a wayward hunter. Missing, sent ahead to find and report news yet unknown of these new lands. Send me next time. Loud enough said I hope you heard, yet quiet enough not boastfully done. A skill I am still learning, have patience of me I plead.

Easy enough to find, and spoken to briefly, the hunter sent us then into this town to speak to some tormented souls. They know we are here, that much is clear. You turned to me then. A flash of connection, understanding? Do my part you say. Investigation? Collaboration? Diplomacy? What is my part? In my heart I yearned for absolute connection, but your words do not connect with who I thought I am, was.

Do not fault me then for finding my way, when here I stand with you today.

I speak with diplomacy to these tormented souls, with understanding; it yields a wealth of information. They speak of imprisonment and servitude to Ymir. They tell of a portal keeper and key to the living worlds, awaiting Ymir's command. Something raises the hairletts at the nape of my shoulders, where other races have a neck. Yet I want to use again this diplomacy, to seek and correct this keeper. I must have spoken these words aloud.

You pointed then, head shaking. There is a time for action, advance, calculation, parlance, but always remember your place in this world. My sword, my strength, my heart, a warrior. Unquestionably spoken, and from your mouth, believed then by me. It moves a Troll, this Troll. Such words. I could be carved into the image you have of me, if you would have it of me. Please wait.

A Troll is a mountain, can move hills, or redirect rivers, but takes and requires time. "All things good, pure, true, require time." - Utterance of Odin in the space before our time began. Felt now throughout Midgard and I hope within my words here.

I did not tell you then, but tell you now. May you see it in my action, in my response. I will strive to do as you say, but give this rock the time to become alive, to mold to your wish, your direction. In my heart I am so alive. A healer was all that made sense of that until now.

We returned then to Arin Snowtouch. I am ever grateful that you consult your journal so easily, readily. Defeat the portal keeper in this ghost town, retrieve this key. I know my place in your life and therefore where my role here thus falls. I hope to open that place, enlarge it upon your heart. I am then first to this keeper. This disguise as an old man did not fool me. Perhaps I was yearning for a fight. Written here yet hardly considered. Surprisingly easily undone, I look to you. Thank you for this support. A small key, however, yet I can be sensitive still as Mummz taught me true.

Snowtouch wanted us to travel then to Jordheim to give Braden the key. A brief word to Garissa and we are home. A bit of shopping then? You laughed, but I know now your humor. I clutch to my chest, it was simply a jest. A beautiful white feathered unicorn for sale! "That's not a stall, that's a jail!"

It is so easy to side with laughter when confronting it places disharmony between us. I laughed then with our Dwarf leader, and you, if truth be told.

Braden is grateful, yet upon return, Master Tiorvi is more so still. A belt of fabulous worth! I would offer you mine, yet you can only wear one and have obviously chosen. I must still be the best you would have me be.

Mold me into what you will of me. Line and arrow to the edge, in much, much newer ink. I was so young then. So unaware of where this Trolling was being led. So in for such the time!

Letter unread, unsent, yet signed with true content.


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