Chapter 4
You must be level 50 to start this quest line.This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need a group or more to complete Chapter 4, and must have completed all previous chapters. 


Once you've completed Chapter 3, continue speaking with Master Ernston to obtain the quest: [Siabra]: The Ghostly Town.
Master Ernston wants you to offer your assistance to Master Iacobus at the Ghostly Town.
Speak with Barrisa beside Master Ernston who will teleport you to the Ghostly Town. 

Once teleported to the Ghostly Town, speak with Master Iacobus to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with him to obtain the quest: [Siabra]: The Wayward Ranger.
Master Iacobus wants you to locate the missing ranger who was sent into the town to catch a glimpse of what lies ahead, and report to Nara Manastrong with your findings.
The missing ranger can be found east/south-east of the ghostly town of Ardagh under the tree (loc: 33309, 6466, 5096).

Speak with the missing ranger to complete this part of the quest.
The missing ranger warns you that the spirits know we are here and sends you to speak with the tormented souls located within the ghostly town of Ardagh.

Speak with any one of the tormented souls to complete this part of the quest.
The tormented soul tells a tale of imprisonment and servitude to Queen Cliodna. They tell of a portal keeper who holds a key to a portal to the living worlds and awaits Queen Cliodna's command to open the portal.
Return to Nara Manastrong with this information and to complete this part of the quest.

Continue speaking with Nara Manastrong to obtain the quest: [Siabra]: Finders Keepers.
Nara Manastrong wants you to venture back into the ghostly town of Ardagh to find and defeat the Portal Keeper, and retrieve his key.

Head back into the ghostly town and find the Portal Keeper, disguised as an old man.
When attacked he will transform into his real form.
Defeat him to complete this part of the quest and return to Nara Manastrong.
This is a group credit encounter.

Continue speaking with Nara Manastrong to obtain the quest: [Siabra]: Safeguarding Ardagh.
Nara Manastrong wants to to travel to Tir na Nog and give Vinrys the Portal Keeper's key.
Speak with Barissa to port to Druim Ligen.
Once at Druim Ligen, speak with the Glasny to travel to Tir na Nog.
Find Vinrys in Tir na Nog and give her the key (located in the Chamber of Magic loc: 15536, 21104, 7198).

Return to Master Iacobus to complete the quest and obtain your Otherworldly Belt reward.

Additional Quests

There is one additional quest available in this Chapter, separate from the main quest line. This quest can be obtained from the named tormented soul, Isabella, located within the ghostly town of Ardagh.

[Siabra]: From Beyond the Grave

Find and speak with Isabella in the hut north-west within the ghostly town of Ardagh to obtain the quest: [Siabra]: From Beyond the Grave.
Isabella wants you to travel out of the spirit world and deliver a trinket to her betrothed, Nyle, in Ardagh.
Speak with Barissa by Nara Manastrong to port to Druim Ligen.
From there, port to Ardagh.

Find Nyle located in the hut north within Ardagh (loc: 31520, 3686, 5127).
Speak with him to give him his betrothed's trinket and complete the quest.
This quest rewards 165 gold, and a large amount of experience.


  • After completing Chapter 3, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 4:
    • Albion: Master Mills in the Otherworlds' Lyonesse, Chapter 3 area
    • Midgard: Master Engler in the Otherworlds' Vanern Swamp, Chapter 3 area
    • Hibernia: Master Ernston in the Otherworlds' Bog of Cullen, Chapter 3 area
  • A Ghostly Town
    • Track down a missing scout to uncover the enemies' plot and be rewarded with the Otherworldly Belt!
    • With Chapter 4, the realms' have ventured into Otherworldly versions of Black Mountains South, Gotar, and the Silvermine Mountains.
    • Discover more Otherworldly Essences in these new areas!

Fan Fiction

Hand delivered to Vinry
Distribution Disallowed

Copy to the Shining Thron

The Timeless Vinry
Chamber of Magic, Tir Na Nog

I received directive from the Shining Thron, relayed through Master Ernston. Offer assistance to Master Iacobus at the Ghostly Town, at present our furthest advance. Stopping then at the edge of this secreted town, formed out of the retreating mist, I inquired of Iacobus why he needed services of this Ranger. Iacobus spoke of a missing ranger, requesting my assistance to locate. A ranger sent into town to catch a glimpse of what lies ahead, to report to Nara Manastrong with findings. I will do, baring any trickery from the forces behind this phantom mist. Without hesitation I agree, of importance to our realm, requiring bravery and stealth. I am a logical choice, the only choice present.

Barely was I finished examining the outlaying village from a distance when I spotted this ranger, huddled east, south and east again of the ghostly town. With pause, a town reminiscent of our Ardagh. I am no green ranger making untoward comparisons; Ardagh is the village of my youth. This place has been ripped from my dreams, my memories, yet implanted here with spirits wandering among dangers unknown. The missing ranger warned me, grabbing my arm, the spirits know we are here. Even so he begs that I then speak with the tormented souls. I address his injuries as best I can, making note to send for assistance as I may.

After further inspection of their wandering route, I approach the closest spirit, tormented soul. Vinry, from this soul I was told chilling tale here of imprisonment and servitude to Queen Cliodna. This soul spoke candidly of a portal keeper near, holding key to open to the living worlds, simply awaiting the ancient Queen's command to open. The spirit was sincere. Other spirits voice this same story. With story of one voice, I returned then in haste to Nara Manastrong.

In counsel we discussed this rumor, these threats. A trap, possibly, likely, but not one we could ignore given the strategic significance of this unknown force gaining entry to the realm of Hibernia proper. In total concurrence with Manastrong, I gathered those nearby, haste here being of more importance than numbers. We then ventured back into the ghostly town of Ardagh to find and defeat the Portal Keeper, and above all to retrieve and secure this key.

At entrance to this town I stop our group. If ambush, make escape total priority. We will regroup with more numbers, but some must make back to the Thron to tell this tale of woe. First regroup at Iacobus location, if compromised secondary regroup at Barissa. I glace around at these conscripts, seeing recognition and shock on some faces, they too know of Ardagh, they also see the resemblance, fear for safety of loved ones back home.

They advance then in formation behind me. Covering all points of danger, avoiding funnel and likely ambush, we clear this town, making way through weak and wandering spirits. Soon it is visible, a portal keeper, without sound then we attack in force. A sudden transformation, this now large wraith calls for help, responded to by Siabra Spellshapers from shelter uncleared. A moment only to assess this ambush. Of weak quality it is, not fully formed. We are not surrounded, withdrawal yet possible. We stay! I yell. None had fled, I note this now and thank the Thron for these battle ready folk. Focusing on Spellshapers, our forces appear able to overcome. After a quick battle, a foe easily overcome, I search through belongings of this keeper. So the rumors may be true, a glowing key remains. With caution I did not touch it, wrapping it instead in elven leave of ancient tree of life.

Upon return to Nara, we agreed, I would with all haste be transported back to our natural realm to present you with this unnatural key. Any power of unknown artifact substantially warded, this key presented to you with letter. I implore you to find its purpose and make.

The enemies we have faced have been increasingly weak of late; experience dictates these false victories are but precursors. Examine then even this key with utmost caution.

Message encoded by Colvae

Responding Letter

From the hand of the Shining Thron
Seneschal Desmond


Travel instantly back to Master Iacobus and our forward position. He is to distribute belts of otherworldly make he has fashioned for our next campaign. They will assist greatly in our forward progress though full understanding of these magics is not yet explored (we are told).

Stay and await further reinforcements; we make our strong push upon any information delved by Vinry. I too fear our false progress soon to be met by forces unobserved. May the light be with you.

The Shining Thron

Burn upon reading

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