Chapter 4
You must be level 50 to start this quest line.This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need a group or more to complete Chapter 4, and must have completed all previous chapters. 


Once you've completed Chapter 3, continue speaking with Master Mills to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: The Ghostly Town.
Master Mills wants you to offer your assistance to Master Allen at the Ghostly Town.
Speak with Larrisa beside Master Mills who will teleport you to the Ghostly Town. 

Once teleported to the Ghostly Town, speak with Master Allen to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with him to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: The Wayward Scout.
Master Allen wants you to locate the missing scout who was sent into the town to catch a glimpse of what lies ahead, and report to Lieutenant Haley with your findings.
The missing scout can be found by the first building south of Master Allen (loc: 48077, 43719, 2200).

Speak with the missing scout to complete this part of the quest.
The missing scout warns you that the spirits know we are here and sends you to speak with the tormented souls located within the ghostly town of Ludlow.
Head south into the ghostly town of Ludlow.

Speak with any one of the tormented souls to complete this part of the quest.
The tormented soul tells a tale of imprisonment and servitude to Uther. They tell of a portal keeper who holds a key to a portal to the living worlds and awaits Uther's command to open the portal.
Return to Lieutenant Haley with this information and to complete this part of the quest.

Continue speaking with Lieutenant Haley to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Finders Keepers.
Lieutenant Haley wants you to venture back into the ghostly town of Ludlow to find and defeat the Portal Keeper, and retrieve his key.

Head back into the ghostly town and find the Portal Keeper, disguised as an old man.
When attacked he will transform into his real form.
Defeat him to complete this part of the quest and return to Lieutenant Haley.
This is a group credit encounter.

Continue speaking with Lieutenant to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Safeguarding Ludlow.
Lieutenant wants to to travel to Camelot and give Magess Dejahra the Portal Keeper's key.
Speak with Larissa to port to Castle Sauvage.
Once at Castle Sauvage, speak with Master Visur to travel to Camelot.
Find Magess Dejahra in Camelot and give her the key (located in the Academy at loc: 24646, 22160, 8008).

Return to Master Allen to complete the quest and obtain your Otherworldly Belt reward.

Additional Quests

There is one additional quest available in this Chapter, separate from the main quest line. This quest can be obtained from the named tormented soul, Clairice Lynnet, located within the ghostly town of Ludlow.

[Spirits]: From Beyond the Grave

Find and speak with Clairice Lynnet in the west building of the ghostly town of Ludlow to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: From Beyond the Grave.
Clairice Lynnet wants you to travel out of the spirit world and deliver a trinket to her grandaughter, Seamstress Lynnet, in Ludlow.
Speak with Larissa by Lieutenant Haley to port to Castle Sauvage.
From there, port to Camelot.
Exit Camelot through the North Gate and proceed on foot north-east to Ludlow.

Find Seamstress Lynnet located in the west building in Ludlow (loc: 46493, 44409, 2217).
Speak with her to give her Clairice's trinket and complete the quest.
This quest rewards 165 gold, and a large amount of experience.


  • After completing Chapter 3, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 4:
    • Albion: Master Mills in the Otherworlds' Lyonesse, Chapter 3 area
    • Midgard: Master Engler in the Otherworlds' Vanern Swamp, Chapter 3 area
    • Hibernia: Master Ernston in the Otherworlds' Bog of Cullen, Chapter 3 area
  • A Ghostly Town
    • Track down a missing scout to uncover the enemies' plot and be rewarded with the Otherworldly Belt!
    • With Chapter 4, the realms' have ventured into Otherworldly versions of Black Mountains South, Gotar, and the Silvermine Mountains.
    • Discover more Otherworldly Essences in these new areas!

Fan Fiction

Journal of Erudithe
Mistress of the Elementals

I muse at what has spun me on this wild goose chase, following sprits and knowledge unique to this unworld. Wonder at what purpose this place was created, or formed, or how it rendered from our world, or the world of dreams, and then how it has returned again. That catalyst, the sickening utilization of Uther's name, our early encounter, and worse yet, the questions yet unanswered.

I pause here for serenity, as Master Mills approaches, brow again furrowed. We commence discourse. He speaks of a ghostly town, requests assistance offered to Master Allen. Surely not the Allen young of the Academy, barely having spoken his final rights. Apparently so. He must have quickly gained grasp of the elements to be afforded untethered travel to these parts. I am curious. I will speak to Allen. Thank you, dear Mills.

I port then to ghostly town. I can feel the muted energy of this place, unnatural yet wholly elemental. It is the Master Allen I recall. New to the academy when last I instructed there, he smiles at me in remembrance. A true smile of warmth I am assured. With pleasantries aside, Allen informs me of a wayward scout, long overdue to return. This Briton sent to catch a glimpse of what lies ahead, has failed to report here or to Haley. Master Allen pauses, and then urges caution. A long and hard look at him. He meant no disrespect. His first assignment, he acknowledges. Impulsively, quite shockingly I lean in and hug him as a schoolboy. It will be all right, Allen. We are quickly apart. The boy has grown. I nod. I will let him know my discoveries.

We part. I am like a fledgling schoolgirl at Academy, giddy within close proximity to knowledge unlearned. Hollow of sound, yet air full of dank energy and alien, wandering apparitions, lost souls, threads of spirit straying below the surface, tied somewhere in mystery.

I find this scout near the first building south of Master Allen. At first glance the lad appears dead, but stir he does. This boy is in no condition for travel, I send for a cleric. Examining his body while his weak voice recants his tale, I see the effects of extended stay in this place, at least on those unequipped to deal with the elements. He implores me to speak to these tormented souls, that the spirits know of our presence here. I will do this, and then consult with Master Allen. A task: to build items of magical purpose to protect these people.

This ghostly town, with a chill of remembrance it is Ludlow, yet not. What unnatural forces at work here to rend from the physical world this fractured place. I ensnare the first ghostly soul to wander near. Eager to share her tale of imprisonment and servitude to this Uther, I am somewhat more aware of the situation when she finishes. Of a portal keeper with key to the living worlds, awaiting Uther's command to open. I am extremely drawn.

I return to Haley. We consult the realm, our generals insist on action. I will find this keeper. We will venture into the ghostly town, find and defeat this keeper. Any key is mine. The men acknowledge.

We proceed. Quickly spotted, a large wraith, lacking intelligence but strong of tie to its creator. A dutiful guardian then. Strange the men feel so removed from this creature when similarities I clearly see. Weak to steel forged of Albion making. I grant the men their perceived differences then. With cries of clear report to its creator, it is overcome, yet glowing key remains. With caution I examine and then obtain this key, safeguarding, hiding my presence from its creator.

I return to Haley. We discuss. Her thoughts towards the safety of Albion, safeguarding the real Ludlow. I of discovery of purpose yet unclear. Our recommendations collide; to Camelot, to Magess Dejahra of my order. To her I can speak plainly of this key and its potential.

Sweet Larissa ever ready, ports me soundly to Sauvage. Soon, in Camelot I seek out Magess Dejahra. I have been long away from the Academy, no? Strange, while just here in journey I have gone far. She is eager for my appearance. Have I brought it. Our conversation guarded, the room warded, I present the key. By magelight we examine. Origin not of the physical world, that much is clear. My elementals seem reluctant to approach, have no whisperings of its making. There are many here who will study this, yet few willing to collect mysteries such as these. We finish our examinations. Dejahra thanks me, urges me return to Master Allen, agreeing with my assessment. Make belts of protection. She well understood my caution, fear and excitement. The only way to motivate us both; knowledge and mystery shared.

I return with haste to Master Allen. Breath caught in some surprise, he has anticipated my request. A beautiful belt. How he guessed my size, I do not question. Perhaps I should have. With hesitation, I relay my full story. It is payment enough, though belt is beautiful in its enchantments. This school girl was never happier.

The pieces begin to fall into place.

And her notes

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