You must be level 50 to start this quest line. This quest cannot be completed solo, once you reach Queen Cliodna's camp you will need a group or more to complete the Prologue. 


Travel to King Lug Lamfhota's throne room in Tir na Nog.
Speak with Seneschal Desmond to obtain the quest: [Siabra]: Eerily Quiet
Seneschal Desmond wants you to travel to Connla to speak with Benen.
Seneschal Desmond may have more than one quest available for you if you have not previously completed his Champion quest. If he does not speak with you, check that your journal isn't full, or that you've already completed this quest.

Zone out of the throne room and speak with the channeler.
Select [towns] from the list of available destinations.
Port to [Connla].

At Connla, find Benen to the east of the town. He will have a blue DAoC knot over his head to indicate his location.
Speak with him to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with Benen to obtain the quest: [Siabra]: Into the Bog
Benen wants you to travel into the Bog of Cullen to speak with Nara Manastrong who believes she has found Cliodna, the Siabra Queen.

Speak with Stable Master Aelerogh and buy (free) a Wyvern ticket to Innis Carthaig.
Once you reach Innis Carthaig, travel east on foot into the Bog of Cullen to find Nara Manastrong. She can be found through the quest indicator on your map (loc: 35957, 44676).
Speak with Nara Manastrong to complete this part of the quest.

Continue speaking with Nara Manastrong to obtain the quest: [Siabra]: Begone, Fae
Nara Manastrong wants you to gather an army and stop the Siabra from setting up camp in the Bog of Cullen.
With your group or battle group, defeat Queen Cliodna.
Strategy for this step includes starting with the mobs surrounding Queen Cliodna, before pulling Queen Cliodna, as much as possible.
Queen Cliodna will retreat into the portal before you can kill her, this is the end of the Prologue and you will be awarded credit when Queen Cliodna vanishes.
Return to Nara Manastrong to complete the quest.

This quest is repeatable, however, you will only be rewarded a Draught of Supremacy the first time you complete the quest.
Repeated tries, when completed, will award Cliodna's Power potion, which grants 10% bonus to realm points for 30 minutes, and lasts through death, 1 use.


Details and information for the Prologue can be found in Patch Notes 1.117c.

Otherworlds Campaign – The Beginnings
  • Eerily Quiet - A new quest chain has been added that will lead players to a portal in the far reaches of their realm.
    • Defend Albion against Spirits that have crossed over to the waking world. Level 50 players should speak with Chamberlain Harlen in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.
      • Players must be inside King Uther's Forward Camp region when defeating him in order to receive credit.
    • Defend Midgard against the Jotun who have crossed over in search of the Aesir. Level 50 players should speak with Athr Hasetti Theyr in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.
      • Players must be inside Ymir's Landing region when defeating him in order to receive credit.
    • Defend Hibernia against the Siabra who have crossed over from the Veil. Level 50 players should speak with Seneschal Desmond in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.
      • Players must be inside Queen Cliodna's Portal region when defeating her in order to receive credit.

Fan Fiction

To the council Agaeh and Tethra,

I write with the utmost urgency and in all sincerity of the ancient ways. My account to you as written in haste, follows as it unfolded.

I set out three nights prior on the direction of Seneschal Desmond, upon conference in our King's throne room. He related to me that by all reliable accounts the Siabra have been eerily quiet of late, and that he feared the worst. Given my experience in those outlands he had summoned me, and with this strange news I set out at once, with only the weapons on my back, the garb of a ranger, my tattoos of woad, and a sense of dread for fear of what we knew impossible.

I traveled first to Connla and spoke with Benen, Sentinel of Connla and longtime friend of the way of stealth. Benen insisted with all sincerity that I travel swiftly into the Bog of Cullen to speak with Nara Manastrong regarding reports she had of a massing host. I questioned him more thoroughly and he shook his head, saying only that Nara sends that she has found Cliodna, the Siabra Queen, along with an unknown host. Fearing for the mischief this likely impostor would wreck on our outlands, I had Benen quickly send word to a group of closest friends.

Unable to wait for the assemblage, I made my way with all haste by help of our wyvern to Innis Carthaig, and while some of our numbers preferred to walk east into the bog to gather the full extent of these changes, with all speed in mind I took a second wyvern on its scenic route into the bog of Cullen, thanking it and making my leave on the land bridge south of where I was to meet Nara. Upon speaking to Nara and observing the threat in person, however, I became less sure that this creature was simply an impostor of our ancient queen; I feared it may have a semblance of Cliodna's spirit as it had already amassed a dozen sentinels and mages and stood nearly as large as tales of Cliodna would have her.

I remained vigilant in watching this new foe with the help of Nara until the remainder of our assembly. After quietly and earnestly explaining to our alliance of the importunate host gathering, and what unknown mischief it brought, we determined to act with all vital haste. Fearing the combined wrath of this creature and her army, we steeled ourselves and began by winnowing the mages and sentinels off one by one in delicately set ambush, careful to avoid her notice.

When at last she stood temporarily alone, we launched our combined attack, and nearly fell at once for she was so much stronger than we had anticipated. We thought we knew of her tricks; her haunting melodies. Due only to the expertise of our number aligned to the way of nature did we survive her initial reaction. Then slowly, and every painfully slowly did we push back her advances, dispatching with haste any sentinel rushing to her aid, only surviving by calling upon all ancient ways to lend us aid in beating back her rage. Finally she called out in ominous tones, and using magics unknown to us evaded every further effort until she had vanished into a portal of her creation. To all who witnessed this victory, it had the stinging feeling of defeat. I fear it is yet early and already we have lost three of our numbers.

The chord of harmony has ruptured; our ancient queen Cliodna has returned. I give this letter to Nara Manastrong to send to you, and await the council's direction.

Colvae, your dedicated ranger.

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