You must be level 50 to start this quest line. This quest cannot be completed solo, once you reach King Uther's camp you will need a group or more to complete the Prologue. 


Travel to King Constantine's throne room in Camelot.
Speak with Chamberlain Harlen to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Eerily Quiet
Chamberlain Harlen wants you to travel to Adribard's Retreat in Avalon Marsh to speak with Lord Adribard.
Chamberlain Harlen may have more than one quest available for you if you have not previously completed his Champion quest. If he does not speak with you, check that your journal isn't full, or that you've already completed this quest.

Zone out of the throne room and speak with the channeler.
Select [towns] from the list of available destinations.
Port to [Adribard's Retreat].

At Adribard's Retreat, travel inside the keep and speak with Lord Adribard. He will have a blue DAoC knot over his head to indicate his location.
Speak with him to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with Lord Adribard to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Into the Mist
Lord Adribard wants you to travel into Lyonesse to speak with Lieutenant Haley who believes she has found King Uther's ghost.

Speak with Stable Master Grank by the tower outside Adribard's Retreat, and buy (free) a horse ticket to Yarley's Farm.
Once you reach Yarley's Farm, follow the road north-west (straight through the sea, be mindful of mobs!) on foot into Lyonesse to find Lieutenant Haley. She can be found through the quest indicator on your map (loc: 47929, 21074).
Speak with Lieutenant Haley to complete this part of the quest.

Continue speaking with Lieutenant Haley to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Begone, Apparitions
Lieutenant Haley wants you to gather an army and stop the ghosts from setting up camp in Lyonesse.
With your group or battle group, defeat King Uther.
Strategy for this step includes starting with the mobs surrounding King Uther, before pulling King Uther, as much as possible.
King Uther will retreat into the portal before you can kill him, this is the end of the Prologue and you will be awarded credit when King Uther vanishes.
Return to Lieutenant Haley to complete the quest.

This quest is repeatable, however, you will only be rewarded a Draught of Supremacy the first time you complete the quest.
Repeated tries, when completed, will award Uther's Power potion, which grants 10% bonus to realm points for 30 minutes, and lasts through death, 1 use.


Details and information for the Prologue can be found in Patch Notes 1.117c.

Otherworlds Campaign – The Beginnings
  • Eerily Quiet - A new quest chain has been added that will lead players to a portal in the far reaches of their realm.
    • Defend Albion against Spirits that have crossed over to the waking world. Level 50 players should speak with Chamberlain Harlen in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.
      • Players must be inside King Uther's Forward Camp region when defeating him in order to receive credit.
    • Defend Midgard against the Jotun who have crossed over in search of the Aesir. Level 50 players should speak with Athr Hasetti Theyr in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.
      • Players must be inside Ymir's Landing region when defeating him in order to receive credit.
    • Defend Hibernia against the Siabra who have crossed over from the Veil. Level 50 players should speak with Seneschal Desmond in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.
      • Players must be inside Queen Cliodna's Portal region when defeating her in order to receive credit.

Fan Fiction

Journal of Erudithe
Mistress of the Elementals

It began as I have seen all too many times before, both here abroad and within Avalon my home. A man with some measure of potential but in need of my knowledge and understanding, still remains unaware of my true worth, and the road ahead, his road ahead. King Constantine, finally a king with enough foresight to grasp the truth when it is spoken to him. Chamberlain Harlen, ever aware of my potential value to the king, accosted me in the throne room today, accosted me with information I could not intelligently ignore! Not that he knew it's worth, only that he felt I would know. I will see to King Constantine and his development, soon, but knowledge can be fleeting, and what Harlen in his mistaken loyalty offered me cannot easily be put aside.

In his utterings of a layman, Harlen spoke of the Spirits within Lyonesse being eerily quiet of late, that it was unusual to enough of the locals that this disturbance reached his ears in the comfort of the palace. He thought that I as a learned scholar might wish to inquire as to the root of the problem, of course a problem we do not share. He believes the problem exists as things are not normal. A shame that none now know the power of air, ice and earth as they ought. The problem he cannot see is that after so long the spirits are involved. I must know more.

Harlen had mentioned that Lord Adribard, found at his retreat of same name, may have more information. I gathered only the essentials of a high member of the Academy, and began my journey, leaving simply a note for the heirs of master Merlin that may care to know my whereabouts. Within his retreat Adribard entertained me immediately, serving me drink as befits my station, yet knew that my true thirst was for the information he held. After polite silence he began to relate the story he had heard.

His loyal subject, a woman serving him for two score years, Lieutenant Haley, believes she has found King Uther's ghost. I set my drink down in thought. Noble Arthur. Sad Arthur's passing. Spirits seldom are what they were; not mere, but shades of their passing in lieu of what came before. In all likelihood it is but a remnant, a memory of that night, a reverberation of the magics unleashed with that ignoble action. Yet still I find myself nodding, I will investigate. I will inquire, and I will discover the truth. It satisfies my calling. It satisfies this Adribard, yes yes. He has given me Lieutanant Haley's location, easy enough to find for even the greenest Armsman. I trust that fact is incidental.

I set out on horseback for Yarley's Farm. One of my few vices, due the longing for the Isle I left is a good horse; the feel of wind on my face, earth beneath her feet, and ice within the clouds above. Then it is just North-West through the winding road from the farm, narrowing to a footpath in Lyonesse, and eventually I see this Haley. She seems honest, and observant for one not melded to the academy. Her words therefore worry me, stirring a long still wind within my elementalist's soul. She implores me to gather my friends, an army she says, and to disperse the apparitions ahead along with this King Uther, the latter which gives me pause. I have been known to dirty my hands in the pursuit of knowledge, but there is usually a better way, so I investigate. Spirits. Air, Ice, lacking Earth. Living in Earth, craving it, but without; unbalanced. True spirits, then, and one a massive spirit, with a tumultuous energy flow at the center. It sickens me to think what lead to this abhorrent creation.

It cannot be brushed aside, yet there is potential here, and a portal behind it. That in itself the Academy must know of. A portal to where, we must inquire. I message the Academy and those trusted acquaintances I have without. I message them in the way all learned Avalonians endeavor to master, and they respond with tells of their own. They will come, they will bring friends. We will meet this curiosity, to the Defenders of Albion we will meet this threat. Of course, of course. Bring vials, incantations, and scribes my sisters. Bring swords, polearms, and minstrels my brothers.

For the first time since Lady Lile mobilized the learned from the Isle of Avalon, perhaps encouraged is a better word, for what she offered was a chance to learn a changing world outside our borders (an offer not easily rebutted for one such a myself) I find myself engrossed in these rudimentary field studies of foreign magics and gossips long dead. What is this force before us? The army Haley cited as needed has arrived, has been assembled for purposes unique to the individual members contained within. Each will do their part, of that I'm sure. The Defenders of Albion are experienced fighters. They first remove from the field the followers of this Uther. One by one they are attacked in what appears to me no different than a pack of hungry rats after a ball of cheese. But effective in their own right. I do not judge, only notate and catalogue what was and is and may yet be.

This Uther. We begin with my nod. An Armsman dies. I frown. The pull on his matter was uncommonly strong. I look to my sisters and we begin to form a chain, protecting those subjects Lady Lile has entrusted to us. Two more fade, a Paladin and Reaver, and then our net is up. This Spirit not to be undone, calls mages of his own. We match fire with ice, and again. Yet we will not be outdone by our own elements, are not outdone. The defenders of Albion are still fighting. I peer deeper into the elements. This Uther seems tied, entangled to something. There is more to this creature than that which can been viewed. I call out a caution, unheeded by men in battle. They believe it close to death. But I know better; it is a spirit, a true spirit. Suddenly it cries out, not a pang of defeat but of base warning; understood in any language. I look more closely once more. This other tie has wrapped itself more closely around this Uther. He takes no damage. This is no magic, no sorcery the Academy has ever experienced. With furrowed brows we take turns trying spells unused for millennia, heedless of collateral damage. Even my elemental creatures, my lovely creatures. No effect, not even a line of spirit out of place. With what seems almost a saunter, this Uther passes through his portal, and the field is empty of foes, empty of information but for that portal yearning for discovery. I rehash the experience in my mind, again, and again. It cannot be, but was.

I returned to Lieutenant Haley on behalf of my sisters. Haley will guard the portal. Should anything change she will notify me at once. We must decide our next step before all information lost, and knowledge becomes ungainable.

Lady long estranged of Avalon

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