Account & Character Creation

Get started in Dark Age of Camelot by creating your account or logging in through our Account Center! Decide which realm deserves your loyalty and use our Classes & Races information to guide you on how you'll aid your realm in battle!

Explore While You Level

Explore the beautiful lands of Albion, Hibernia or Midgard and let the game guide you! Our New User Journey will bring you right from level 1 through to 50 including the dungeon of Darkness Falls, the ghostly realm of the Otherworlds, and face to face with the dragons!

Combat & Mechanics

Browse our Combat Basics guide and get to know the basics for getting started within the world of DAoC. Learn about our con system, fighting as a tank, fighting as a caster, and more!

Realm versus Realm

An Immersive and thrilling RvR experience awaits you in the frontiers! Keep sieges, tower fights, open field epic battles, or maybe you prefer a group or small, or go it solo?! RvR is what DAoC excels at, and has for over 18 years. Learn more about RvR in the DAoC world in our RvR overview.


Tradeskills in DAoC offer a world of player driven items and economy. Players can craft everything from armor, weapons, siege, to buffs, stat boosts and even mount armor! Any player can learn any (or all!) tradeskill. More information can be found in our Tradeskills Overview.


Templating gives players a way to enhance their characters via crafting and aligning armor, weaponry, and accessories to be the best they can be!  For help with getting to grip with templates, see our Templating Overview!

Bounty Points

Earn bounty points through RvR, questing, and general adventuring throughout DAoC! Spend this currency on items, potions, and everything your character needs ingame! For help on where to get bounty points, see our Bounty Points page!


Build and decorate a home to be proud of, inside and out! Players can have their own corner of DAoC setup with the tools and adornments they adore, show off your trophies, hoard your wares in the extra vault space and avail of the player buy/sell market! Browse our Housing Manual for more info! Note: Housing is for subscribed accounts only


The community within DAoC is simply the best, biased we may be but it's undeniable how helpful and friendly our community can be.  Get involved in the social aspect of DAoC and understand the various chat channels through our Community Info!