Mounts: Standard and Advanced Mounts

Standard and Advanced Mounts
The following horses are available in all three realms. Please click on the images for a larger view.


Standard: Level 10, no expansion required.

Cost: free

Standard Chestnut Horse
Cannot be ridden in the frontiers.
May not be equipped with saddlebags, armor, or barding.

Advanced: Level 45, no Champion Levels required.

Cost: 1p

Chestnut Horse
May be ridden in the frontiers.
May be equipped with saddlebags, armor, and barding,
but only if you have earned the right to use them. (See Requirements)

Advanced: Champion Level 1 Required.

Cost: 3p each

Grey Horse

Spotted Horse

Chocolate Horse

Bay Horse

Advanced: Champion Level 2 Required

Cost: 4p each

Black Horse

Silver Horse

Palomino Horse

Advanced: Champion Level 3 Required

Cost: 6p each

Chestnut Warhorse

Grey Warhorse

Spotted Warhorse

Bay Warhorse

Advanced: Champion Level 4 Required

Cost: 8p each

Black Warhorse

Silver Warhorse

Palomino Warhorse

Chocolate Warhorse

Advanced: Champion Level 6 Required

Cost: 3p each

Dappled Grey Horse

Primitive Dun Horse

Shire Dappled Horse

Strawberry Roan Horse

Advanced: Champion Level 7 Required

Cost: 4p each

Appaloosa Horse

Leopard Horse

Red Dun Horse

Advanced: Champion Level 8 Required

Cost: 6p each

Appaloosa Warhorse

Primitive Dun Warhorse

Advanced: Champion Level 9 Required

Cost: 8p each

Leopard Warhorse

Red Dun Warhorse


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