Master Levels - Class Options


Each class is granted two options for their master level path. Below are the tables detailing what options are available to the current classes.

Albion Classes

  Class Option #1 Option #2  
  Armsman Warlord Battlemaster  
  Cabalist Convoker Stormlord  
  Cleric Warlord Perfecter  
  Friar Battlemaster Perfecter  
  Heretic Banelord Perfecter  
  Infiltrator Spymaster Battlemaster  
  Mauler Battlemaster Warlord  
  Mercenary Battlemaster Banelord  
  Minstrel Warlord Sojourner  
  Necromancer Convoker Warlord  
  Paladin Warlord Battlemaster  
  Reaver Battlemaster Banelord  
  Scout Battlemaster Soujourner  
  Sorcerer Convoker Stormlord  
  Theurgist Convoker Stormlord  
  Wizard Convoker Stormlord  

Hibernia Classes

  Class Option #1 Option #2  
  Animist Convoker Stormlord  
  Bainshee Convoker Stormlord  
  Bard Sojourner Perfecter  
  Blademaster Battlemaster Banelord  
  Champion Battlemaster Banelord  
  Druid Convoker Perfecter  
  Eldritch Convoker Stormlord  
  Enchanter Convoker Stormlord  
  Hero Battlemaster Warlord  
  Mauler Battlemaster Warlord  
  Mentalist Stormlord Warlord  
  Nightshade Spymaster Stormlord  
  Ranger Battlemaster Sojourner  
  Valewalker Battlemaster Stormlord  
  Vampiir Banelord Warlord  
  Warden Battlemaster Perfecter  

Midgard Classes

  Class Option #1 Option #2  
  Berserker Battlemaster Banelord  
  Bonedancer Convoker Banelord  
  Healer Sojourner Perfecter  
  Hunter Sojourner Battlemaster  
  Mauler Battlemaster Warlord  
  Runemaster Convoker Stormlord  
  Savage Warlord Battlemaster  
  Shadowblade Spymaster Battlemaster  
  Shaman Convoker Perfecter  
  Skald Warlord Sojourner  
  Spiritmaster Convoker Stormlord  
  Thane Battlemaster Stormlord  
  Valkyrie Stormlord Warlord  
  Warlock Banelord Convoker  
  Warrior Warlord Battlemaster