Leveling Guide

Welcome to DAoC's guide to leveling. This guide will walk you through creating your character, reaching level 50, and additional level requirements such as Master Level and Champion Levels.

Creating Your Character

DAoC has a vast amount of characters in each realm. Please browse our realm, stats, and class types page for help with deciding what realm and class to play. Once decided, log your character in.

Tutorial Zone - Level 1 to 10

When you first log in to Dark Age of Camelot, you'll enter the tutorial zone. This zone helps you get to know your character, the interface, and other commands. The videos below run through the tutorial zone on each realm including quests available, locations, training your character, and NPCs. 

Select your realm:

Midgard Albion Hibernia

Level 10 and Onwards

Once you exit the tutorial zone, you have a choice on different ways to level. If you prefer questing and exploring the world, you can level through the mainland quests and monsters. If you like to add a little RvR and risk to your leveling, the Battlegrounds offer high experience, bounty points (which allow you to buy gear and items), coin, and realm points (which allow you to purchase additional class abilites both passive and active).


Leveling through each Battleground is fast and easy, as all Battlegrounds follow the same quest format, although the level 1-4 Battleground does not have quests due to the speed of leveling from 1 to 4. Battlegrounds are split per levels as follows:

  • The Proving Grounds (Level 1-4)
  • The Lion's Den (Level 5-9)
  • The Hill's of Claret (Level 10-14)
  • Killaloe (Level 15-19)
  • Thidranki (Level 20-24)
  • Braemar (Level 25-29)
  • Wilton (Level 30-34)
  • Molvik (Level 35-39)
  • Leirvik (Level 40-44 - Master Level 3 restriction)
  • Cathal Valley (Level 45-49 - Master Level 5 restriction)

You can enter the appropriate Battleground (BG) for your level through any porter across the realm. Once zoned in, you'll find yourself in the Portal Keep (PK) where other players gather and the BG NPCs (Non Player Character) are located. NPCs available depend on the BG and map type, i.e. a map with water areas includes a water breath giving NPC which allows you to swim faster and breathe underwater. Battlegrounds also have one central keep (CK) that players can attack and claim ownership for their realm.

Players can gain experience by speaking with the Captain NPC and obtaining the three quests offered. Once completed and turned in, these quests offer coin, large experience, and bounty points. Bounty points are an additional currency type that allow you to buy gear and, at higher levels, experience for leveling and champion levels.

Killing other players within the Battlegrounds reward you with coin, experience, bounty points, and realm points. Realm points allow you to train in passive and active abilities for your character useable in RvR. Players can speak with the Commander in the PK's to obtain a RvR quest to kill a required amount of enemies from each realm for additional rewards.

Types of NPCs located in the BGs include:

  • Hastener - Allows you to move faster.
  • Healer - Cures resurrection sickness (may include a charge at higher levels).
  • Realm Enhancement - Provides players with all realm buffs for their level, but not fully capped stats.
  • Breath of the Realm - Gives water breath buff
  • Captain - Mob quest giver NPC.
  • Commander - RvR quest giver NPC.
  • Siegemaster - Sells siege such as rams and trebuchets for attacking the central keep.
  • Realm Point Remover - Removes any realm points the player has so they can stay in the battleground.
  • Porter - Realm porter to port to different locations in the world.
  • Bounty Merchant - Sells armor, weapons, and items in exchange for bounty points earned.

Our walkthrough for each Battlegrounds can be found via this link.

Our walkthrough for mainland questing can be found here for Albion, here for Hibernia, and here for Midgard.