Knight and Internal Forum Application

Knight Program

Before filling out the application, here are some requirements and information on being a Knight of the Roundtable:

• Knights are a volunteer position that receives a comped account and involves signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement as they are generally the first to know about upcoming development plans.
• Primarily, Knights will be expected to lead scheduled in-game events, host Q&As, create written or video guides, stream, and generally interface with the community in a positive, organizer role.
• Secondarily, Knights are also expected to participate in internal forum discussions, bring game-related issues to developer attention, help test new changes on the Pendragon test-server, and to act in a mature, constructive manner whenever interfacing (within their capacity as a Knight) with each other, development, or the community.
• Knights are required to be active and interact with the community in and out of DAoC

Internal Board
We are also looking to bring in some additional members to our internal boards using the same form. Regular members discuss various aspects of, and ideas for, DAoC directly with Broadsword, report issues and help with testing.

There is no demand on regular internal board members to participate in community events, Podcasts, gudies and such as there is with the Knight program. Members are expected to be constructive and interact with each other in a positive manner, even when disagreements occur.

Please fill out the form to your best ability if you are interested in joining the Knight's program, or just want to help contribute on the internal boards. There is an option on the form to select which area it is that you are applying.

Application Form

Please enter your real name here.
Please enter your email address here.
Please enter your most played character information above.
Please enter any additional characters, include realm and rank.
Please select one option.
Some Knights and internal forum members volunteer on the officialdaoc Twitch channel. Not a requirement.
Such as Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Skype, etc.
Please list, including links and name used on forums.
Please name all including username. Not required, just for contact/information purposes.
Please be constructive.
For example: Someone suggests removing the Lone Enforcer title and gives valid reasons for doing so. You have obtained the title on several toons and are working to obtain on another.
Please give details.
The Knight program is refocused on community, guides, and interaction with players and devs to enrich and grow the game and our community. What do you feel you can do to help this objective?
Please give details.
Please list anyone known in the community who would vouch for you, if asked.
Please give any details here you wish us to know about yourself and why you're applying.